SoCal Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars - Singles Tournament @ FFA 8-22-2010


Complete Results

1st: RoyalFlush (Polimar/Ippatsuman, Viewtiful Joe/Polimar, Jun the Swan/Morrigan)
2nd: ll.nd (Doronjo/Soki)
3rd: Big Daddy Chris (Zero/Soki, Zero/Ryu)
4th: Rotanibor (Ken the Eagle/Ippatsuman)
6th: DrTangerine (Tekkaman Blade/Ryu) and La(Rence) (Jun the Swan/Ryu, Yatterman-1/Jun the Swan, Jun the Swan/Tekkaman Blade)
8th: Dopples (Frank West/Casshan, Frank West/Yatterman-1) and Tronzilla666 (Morrigan/Tekkaman Blade)
9th: Unknown Force (Saki/Tekkaman original)
10th: Gamerboy_15 (Ken the Eagle/Ryu)

Good tournament. It’s nice to see regular faces and an average turnout of 10 people each tournament. 10 people for TvC tournament was always a struggle when CGoH was out!

Many good matches. A few resulted in time up situations and a few surprises (Big Daddy Chris taking me to losers, ll.nd beat Rotanibor, Unknown Force with a clutch victory on Gamerboy_15, and me coming out of losers and taking the tournament).

The next tournament is supposed to be planned on Sunday of Labor Day weekend, so I expect many players to be absent for it. So, I think we should all vote on a date for the next tournament! Have it next Sunday? Have on the Friday of Labor Day weekend? I’ll contact players and see what will work out for mostly everyone.

Vids of the later half of the tournament were recorded by me and will be posted up on my youtube page when I get a chance to post them.

Stay tuned for details of the next tournament! Thanks for watching us!


Later half of tournament videos can be found here: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.