SoCal Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Tournament @ FFA NOW ON 3-13-2010

UPDATE: Date for tournament is now on Saturday, March 13th!

TvC:UAS will be at EVO this year! Time to get your game on and show that this game deserves it place in the official roster!

Play with us in casuals and tournament to prepare for this year’s EVO2K10 in July!

Please post up if you’re attending! Please try to bring your own sticks!!!

We will have several setups available.

I will record matches and post them on my youtube channel.

Family Fun Arcade (a.k.a FFA)
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344

Times and Fees (subject to change)
-Sign-ups: 4:00PM-6:00 PM
-Start tournaments @ 6:00PM
-Entry Fee: $4 entry + $2 venue = $6 per person
-Prize Money Distribution: 70%/20%/10%
-Casuals before and after tournament

-Will be playing the US version of TvC:UAS on the Wii
-Double elimination
-Normal sets are best 2 out of 3 games, Winner’s, Loser’s, and Grand Finals are best 3 out of 5 games OR 4 out of 7
-Standard settings (start w/1 bar, 99 seconds, regular damage)
-Winner keeps characters, loser can change characters or keep current characters
-Pre-match character switching (hold down OR hold P button before battle begins) is legal and player has to stick with current character.
-All characters are legal INCLUDING PTX-40A and Gold Lightan.
-No freeze, invisibility glitches, etc. or player who initiates glitch forfeits a round.
-Stage select is legal. If the fire stage is picked both players must agree to fight on it.
-Will be played on whatever screen ratio matches the television: if we’re playing on 4:3 TV, the station must be assigned to 4:3. Likewise, if we’re playing on a widescreen TV, it must be on 16:9 aspect ratio.
-All kinds of controllers, sticks (wired, wireless, Gamecube, PS2 converted to GC, classic controllers, etc.), and button mapping are all allowed, but turbo functionality is illegal.

Contact me @ 661-312-8289
Text messages are also accepted!

is button mapping legal for the tourney?

Yes. It’s necessary for people who use PS2 to GC converters. I’ll allow it.

BTW do you guys ever have any local casuals?

Getting to a competitive level with this game is hard when everyone you know is just starting the game too and online play seems to have game affecting issues due to lag. I’m surprised FFA doesn’t have a setup for the game yet.

I hope I can make it to this one. I will be in LA Riots on the same day. If you guys start early then I probably could make it.

FFA does have a setup but no chars yet. I have to go unlock them they should be done soon.

Yeah, we do casuals. Most of us that go to these FFA tournaments live near each other. A few of us from Santa Clarita, other like ll.nd and BBHood around FFA. We should all get together and get in some practice games on a non-tournament week. You can PM if you want to discuss furthermore. We’d be happy to help you get better at this game!

can we use the setup even without the unlocked chars? Do we just ask at the cash reg?

Playing online is not cutting it for me right now, the lag makes it impossible to get a decent game.

Haha, I’m curious as well. Not that that it takes that long to unlock them. All colors would be nice, too.

So, any word on time of LA Riots? We getting any other people to attend? Any casuals days before tournament?


I’ll will most likely be available that weekend
but i gotta see if the homies are down
not having a license but having a car sucks :rofl:

Tournament is this weekend. I hope we can get a better outcome than last time!

Can’t make this one : ( Closing at work that night! Hope it goes well! I’m free on the 13th though if you guys wann get togeth for some casuals b4 Burnt Toast on the 20th!

Maybe I can change the date to the 13th. I kinda need this week to do some studying that I have failed to catch up on, and the 13th might be more convenient for some people.

Lemme know what you decide to do!

People, let me know which of the two dates (March 6th vs. March 13th) will work for you. I may send text messages if people don’t respond through here!

It looks like the 13th will be better for most people. It’s also the same day as FFA’s SFIV/3S ranbats!

gonna make me w8 longer Edward…:rolf:, whatever man…your tournament
gonna see if the homies are down on the 13th now
I’ll post when I know.

Lolz. At least now you have more time to plan out your rides! I must catch up my studying this week, anyways ;(

just started learning the game might be out there with my y2/chun

Awesome! Y-2 can build meter just as well as she can blow it all in a matter of seconds for a good cause. And Chun is still super solid.

This will be fun!