SoCal TvC tourney on Thursday, Dec 30th!

The (hopefully possible/doable) last TvC tourney of the year, run by Jint(who always needs help)!

When: Thursday, @ 5 p.m. Please be prompt.
Where: Jint’s house. Private message me for the address. I will also send out a message using the phone numbers I have. Tell any TvC players to come! (just don’t trash my place ^^;)
Would appreciate: Extra setups + a TV.

Basic Tourney Format:

**- Double Elim (unless less than 8, round robin), **
Best 2 out of 3 rounds. Loser of a round can switch teams.
Loser’s Finals - First to 3.
Winners Finals - First to 3. Player coming from Loser’s Finals must win two sets.
- Choose whatever characters you want (Yes, even Giants. This is the last TvC tourney for the year, I want everyone to use whatever they have to win.).
- Selected Stages must be agreed upon by both competitors of that match.

The more important details:

Tourney fee: $10, all to pot. If I get a decent amount of people I’ll throw some money into the pot (or if you feel like it, you can too. Contribute to the last TvC tourney of the year…ish. =D)
Money will be split 60/25/15. So if we get at least 10 people, everyone who places can leave with some money. At least this SHOULD give both 1st + 2nd some take home money.
It would help if I can borrow some setups and a TV or two from people to make this smoother + more games.
Donate food or stuff if you can.
Money match whomever you want.

Update, 12/17:

I’m gonna try to make this happen. The general idea is pot split 60/25/15, with the entry to tourney $10. Right now I’m trying to figure out a venue, and I just don’t want FFA this time. If I can’t find an alternative venue, I’d like to use someone’s house/place for the tourney.

Update, 12/23:

I’m throwing this on the 28th. Venue will be worked out hopefully soon, depending on weather conditions. I’ll run this from my small apartment/garage if needed.

Update, 12/25:

Rescheduling date since I need a bit more time to see if the place i’m thinking of is open. Tourney should still be going this week. I’ll update w/result Monday.

Update 12/28:

Tourney will be @ my place on Thursday, the 30th. Time will be @ 5.

OH Kbeast, if ya end up comin how about we run that 3 game MM we never did at evo! FT3 in Marvel & TVC. First to 3 full sets in SSF4. $70-100 total bet? so a $140-$200 pot?

I’m still in town so I might possibly be in. Depends if other plans come up or if Rotan can drive me! Yay for no car!

Ride your damn bike, Phampy!

Depends on how popular it is, but my answer would most likely be nahh.

If I’m not out of the state of California, then I’m down to join in.

OH Larenzo…I’d be more than happy to accept your challenge of munny matches. I kind think that time period is iffy for me thou since it means I won’t be home for New Years Eve. But then again, I don’t do shit on New Year’s anymore…

sounds good mang, I finally found a job (thank god) so can back the bet now unlike at evo.

Btw anyone looking for a stick or to dual mod their current stick???
I’ve got a hori premium vlx thats as of now, dual modded for 360/psone selling for $250 pick up, $275(possibly more) Shipped.

Also have a Hori V3SA which was converted from ps3 to an x360/psone dual mod. This one for $110
VLX was used for about 2 weeks the v3sa used for about 3.5.

Okay shameless self promoting is now over.

I will probably be down if I am not doing anything.

I will try ti show if I dint have work, which I prolly more than likely will!

Run this shit later in Jan so I can go!

I’ll be hosting for some friends from WA state that week, so I might not be able to. lol unless someone has ddr I think they’re into that. :stuck_out_tongue:

They have DDR at FFA haha

id be down.

big daddy chris.

Alrighty, given that the interest level is fairly decent, I’m now at the next step/problem:

What is a good place to do a tourney at? I don’t want to do this @ FFA. (depending on my budget) I’ll throw in some money to the pot.

Well you can’t be picky where to do it because if not FFA then someones house to throw it at.

I think we should hold the tournament on the concrete.

Then you run the concrete tourney Rotan, I’ll enjoy sitting on a couch or chair to play =D

I don’t mind running this from a house, as I don’t expect an abnormally high number of people participate (unless I’m proven wrong). Any suggestions?

Pick me up

Screw it. I’m going to run this thing on Tuesday. Hope you folks are prepped for it.