SoCal University Battle Thread

Ok everyone, this is the thread to give your opinions and ideas for a socal university battle.

First of all, I want to get all the details together before we get a date going, but obviously we’re going to want to start before summer.

Here are the details as of now… i’ll update this post when we get shit settled in… everything in bold is set in stone.

1- Games will be cvs2, mvc2, 3s, and possibly ggxx if we have enough participants.

2- All games will be 4 on 4 round robin style, 5 on 5 if enough interest is shown. University with the best record wins.

3- All participants must attend the university.

4- I’m guessing participating universities will be UCR, UCI, UCLA, CalPoly Pomona (they have dope ass sexy players there), UCSD, and anyone else that wants to join… If a university can’t muster up 4 people for a game, then they’ll just not participate in that game. If you want to rep your college here, just post something and we’ll add you

5- Battle will be held on a saturday since we all go to school during the week

6- Battle should be held in a central location with a localized management. Regency Fun Center seems like a good place to hold this from what i hear. Orange county is less then an hour from everyone in socal so it’s a pretty good spot. If RFC doesn’t work out, Camelot is always an option. If everyone is willing to drive to the Inland empire, Pro Swap Meet probably has the best sticks and management that we could ask for in socal, but everyone is gonna have to drive about an hour to get there. I NEED SUGGESTIONS FOR A SPOT AND I’M OPEN TO ALL IDEAS.

leave some ideas, i’ll check an update this thread/post frequently

most of nsj go to cal poly my friend. :cool:

Couple of quick q’s Jesse (though it’s not all planned out concretely yet):

  1. Will it be separate teams for each game, or one team for all games? Cuz for all I know, I can probably rep UCR in Marvel, GGXX, and maybe 3S, but I suck ass in CvS2.

  2. You gonna include community colleges too? Cuz technically they’re not a University per se… (no offense to the top players that do go to community colleges…)

  3. I say Camelot or RFC is a good choice to hold the tourneys. I’d go with PSM as an alternative if Camelot or RFC can’t make it.

  4. If I were you, I’d hold this probably before Evolution (like around late June or early July) so we can get a good turnout and build some hype for some of the players right before Evo…

I can probably help you out somehow since we go to the same school; just holla back.

I guess that disqualifies you and Bill. You fucks never go to class.

Me and albert are probably the only 2 that play cvs2 from CSUSB.

You can add Walter and one last person to make a team. Not that Walter is any good in CvS2 anyway…

i could say the same about your ggxx skills and your turtling Millia. :smiley:

At least I know I have a high chance of making the team. :smiley: TURTLE MILLIA FOR LIFE!!!

Right now, the only two from UCI’s marvel squad who posts on SRK are myself and Jay. We’re gonna have to talk to the other guys before we can confirm anything

lol vietnamese always keeping it real. oh shazzle i didn’t know fukkin oscar goes to csusb. anyway, i am a free agent i will be going to this university battle if it is concrete. SKEET SKEET NIGGA!


winner of this must challenge ucb.

we win.

turtling millia? fuck that, rush that shit down! shes sexier when shes rushing. :cool:

Can university alumni participate?

on a side note
Camelot’s cvs2 machine broked down yesterday, so the cvs2 tourny was finished by playing super turbo. Also the 1p side keeps jumping randomly during some of the matches. Plus i heard RFC got new cabinets? maybe RFC should be the place?

Jesse: if you were to do it at PSM, I would have all the games listed except for GGXX.

When do you plan to do this? B/c right now I lowered my inventory in the gameroom where there’s only one MvC 2, CvS 2, and 3s (I never had an extra 3s ^_^; but I plan to get an extra one along with a few more showcase cabinets.

I also plan to put the showcase cabinets on the outside of the gameroom entrance (where DDR is currently at) that way we can have plenty of spacing. Only 4 cabinets can definitely fit there and I might put the remaining 2 cabinets where the drinking fountain is (hopefully if we can move the TV somewhere else).

But if your plan is to do this ASAP, then take out PSM from your list b/c I probably won’t have the setup prepared for your event.

If you plan to hold off until maybe like summer time, I was thinking of holding a large tourney anyway in the summer right before Evo 2k4.

Anyway, just let me know of your plans and stuff.


I’m not planning on having this that soon, maybe not for a few months, but i’d definitely like to get it in before summer starts… Once summer starts a lot of people (myself included) are going home or are gonna be busy with other things. I’ll let you know when things get a little more concrete.

Brenden- The 4 man teams can be different people, as long as they go to the university.

vasazn- I think it’s best to just limit play to current students. I don’t think norcal let their folk use alumni

lb- winner will come fuck berkeley up. Except for ikleitlh because he is godly

uh, about jc’s… they can participate as long as they have enough people to do so. I’m not sure of many jc’s that have more then 1 or 2 decent players.

So yeah, everyone tell all of your friends

Summer is only two months away!!!

team mt sac: taiji/greaterforce/magnus/david lee

let alumni in…! ucla will beast…

Oh shit, we just got owned at Marvel.:frowning:

sup playa… long time… pm me your aim sn again.

there is no ucsd playas… just me. but ill take you all on. can i join team ucr?

how about ffa?