SoCal Viewing: The Legend of Chun Li

So after listening to Gooteck’s latest podcast with Mike Ross, I thought there should be a thread to discuss a Socal viewing of The Legend of Chun Li. I think the theater will end up hating all of us, but this movie could be the greatest thing ever. I know for a fact that if Kristen hits anyone twice in succession, I’ll be yelling, “Combos!”

The movie is still a month out, but for individuals like myself who have to submit for time off weeks in advance (since anywhere I would end up traveling would take a lot longer in traffic), I thought an early thread would be nice.

If you’re interested in seeing it with a group of SRK heads (maybe grabbing a meal beforehand), post up with a potential location we could all go to with some decent dining options. I’m coming up from Irvine so anywhere in the middle of northern OC or southern LA county would probably be a central location.

Feb. 27th is the date.
The Block in Orange

As Mr. Ross so eloquently stated, “Front row to watch Balrog wield a firearm.” This is going to be the best movie ever.

Of course you know I’m totally in for this, Johnathan Rogathan.

We can go to any place that has plenty of good seating:

The Block
Irvine Spectrum
Bella Terra

etc. So many choices~

Truthfully I dont wanna see this movie, but im down to hit up the block and watch it

Michael Ross, are you telling me that you do not want to pay hard earned money to watch a true testament to cinema in the form of insufficient thighs and a boxer who wields a firearm?

The Legend of Chun Li may not be The Legend…of Lore, but it will do for motion picture what Barack will do for America, usher in a time of hope, and change. Don’t fear change Michael Ross, embrace it. Step into the light, and join us as we traverse this space called the 5 Freeway to a land of milk and honey: The City of Orange.

The Block: A safe haven for the broken, the weary, the hungry, and the prepubescent horny jailbait teenagers who are desperate for love. Will you not come with the rest of us to provide them acceptance? To garner that acceptance in return?


the block is nice

totally fucking down for this

Oh man there should be a movie where Martin sets off to take out everyone on his hit list

don’t patronize this trash. Go see outlander.

Ah, wth, I’m down for this if I’m not doing anything else. Let’s go watch it on IMAX, lol.

oh fuck yes i’ll go

if balrog is wielding that gun with boxing gloves this movie will beast

someone said jailbait? im down.

I make a cameo in this movie.


This movie is going to be so hot.

I can’t to yell shit at this movie!:annoy::annoy::annoy::rofl:

I can’t to yell shit either Sanchez!!!

I cant wait to yell “WAKEUP SUPER!” at the movie.

i’m down!

Any chance of moving it to the 28th? I work evenings during the week and would love to make it.

Fuck yeah!!! I’m totally down for this. Who’s gonna bring an SF4 setup so we can play while watching the movie?

-Tha Hindu

Sure thing! Sounds fun!

i’m freaking down for this. hell yea!