SoCal Virtua Fighter 5

This info has been available on VFDC for some time now but I realize that some players dont frequent those forums and wanted to make this info available to anyone whos interested in learning the game or thinks they are hot shit. :wink:

Current weekly schedule:

Thursday Nights - Weekly Gatherings - Ranking Battles
(2 Locations)

Riverside - Plague’s

8538 Wild Pony Drive
Riverside 92509

Sherman Oaks - L.A. Akira’s

15128 Hartsook street
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

PM Me or Plague for more info

Wow - I was thinking I needed to register. Looks like I did that a while ago. :cool:

Please PM me if you plan to come play VF. It’s likely I haven’t met any of you and it would be cool to say hi before you come to the house.

Brisal (brian) made a thread a long time ago but it died in the lack of care that is socal fg players. I don’t know if this thread will last long but here’s to the future with the 360 release and arcade release.

There is a VF5 cabinet currently located in San Diego, I think Plaza Bonita Tilt? Not sure anymore.

There is also LA Akira’s insanely cool set up and Plagues house for console.

well ill be making my come back once my car is set :3

nice av plague :tup:

good to hear from you, shoo. let us know when your car is back together :slight_smile: