SoCal Walnut Tournament - Feb. 6th



Sat. Feb 6th


Quality Inn & Suites
1170 Fairway Drive
Walnut, CA 91789


Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars
Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3
Guilty Gear Accent Core
Street Fighter 4 - XBox 360

$8 entry fee for each game
$5 Venue fee

We will be there around 10:00 am for Setup, Signups, and Casuals.

TvC will start promptly at 1:00 pm
Naruto will start at 2:00pm
Guilty Gear will start at 4:00pm
Streetfighter 4 will start at 6:00pm


All games will be 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches
Winners & Loosers finals will be 3/5 matches
Semi and Grand will be 4/7 Matches
99 sec. time limit on All games
Winner Keeps same character, Looser may change
Stage selection will be random for all games

Naruto: CONR3
All game crashing glitches are banned
Obstacles Off
Stage Transitions Off

All Characters are allowed

Cliff & Justice are banned
Gold & EX Characters are banned

All characters are allowed


Payouts will be 70%/20%/10%
Any game that has 15 or less participants will be winner takes all

This is a B.Y.O.C event. The hotel is not reponsible for lost/stolen items!




Awww where is FUC, HnK, and MBAA!?!?!

I will still come out to help with whatever you need.


Is GG Accent Core or Accent Core+?

Because Cliff and Justice aren’t in normal Accent Core.

Also, what systems are all of the games being played on?


uhhhh i dont think these games have many options for multiple systems…you got your Wii, PS2, and sf4 will likely be xbox360…and as for AC or AC+ i dont think it matters as only normal tournament (arcade) legal characters are allowed.


I was planning on bringing PS3 & 360 for SF4


Well, GG has Wii/PS2, SFIV has 360/PS3 too.

And as far as I know, didnt they rebalance all the characters in AC+? That’s kind of important.


Since this is a BYOC event having a positive breakdown of the systems used is a must. Also, If you plan on bringing both a ps3 and 360 for SF4 how do you plan on dealing with people who only have sticks for one system. Seems like its more problematic instead of just choosing one system to run the event on. I can say for myself that I have no intention on lending my stick to some one i don’t know because they have to play a match on the system they didn’t bring a stick for.


I’ll probably be down for TvC!


Uh Darn I wish this was on feb 13th instaed of 6th lol


Never thought about that axis! Good point! I’ll prolly run it on PS3 in that case!


Sounds good to me. Hope to see every one on 6th


Street fighter will be on XBox 360!


cool, I be here too then. How many players is gonna take part in this?


I imagine it should pull some good heads it’s pretty close to AI


Hey umm, I don’t know if you guys already put the money down for the venue, but uhh… there’s a SF4/3s Ranking Battle at FFA that same day that was posted up two weeks ago, and this tournament hasn’t been posted on SRK’s Calendar. You might have some trouble bringing people in for SF4 on a day with another tournament scheduled with a $7 venue fee for your event. Maybe run Blazblue instead?


Melty bread power!!! Cancel FFA tourny now!


Yaaay location. :] Looking good so far for me, hope i can go!


why not move the date to 13th :smiley:


Can’t! I have to work that day! I’ll just have to leave it as is and hope for a better turnout the next month!