SoCal Xbox/PS3 Gamertag collection of low ping and awesome

Might as well begin collecting the gamertag’s of fellow arcade folks around the local SF4 scene and others. Anyone thats had experience with online fighters knows that latency will always be an issue. However, if you play people within a 800-1000 mile radius…the game’s can run extremely well if each has a good connection. Not to mention SoCal having the most developed/largest SF4 community in terms of skill and talent, we’ll have the 1up over almost everyone in the US. I with I could be more active in the arcade scene like past months…but due to recent hectic schedules with life/marriage/job, many opportunities to attend arcades/tournaments are limited.

So here it is, in anticipation of developing an everlasting list of all the people I’ve played in arcades over the past 5 months, the SoCal PS3/Gamertag list. I’ll primarily be on Xbox because of the party feature. I can only imagine how awesome it would be having 8 folks from the arcades in a party hyping up matches as they watch another’s game in the viewing lobby. Look forward to seeing you folks online…and for many good games to come.

Since almost all of us have a bunch of SF4 experience, add in your main character(s) as well.

X360: Maximilian923/aka Maximilian (Ken, Ryu)
X360: Teppelin/aka JohnRog
X360: risingtied81
X360: H0RSEY SAUCE/aka CSB (“0” in H0RSEY is a zero) (Boxer)
X360: striderzer021
X360: nasir1220
X360: xX DIme x Xx (more characters than Chun…acceptable!)
X360: Evilj82 (Ryu, Chun, Vega)
X360: Dios X (Dictator, Dhalsim)

PS3: Warren
PS3: BobiNo_ (Rufus)
PS3: JohnRog
PS3: maximilian_23 (Ken, Ryu)
PS3: emtee
PS3: str1d3r_z3r0
PS3: shoosrk
PS3: Infinite_Legend
PS3: Psycho_Gorath
PS3: shindvdz (Ryu)
PS3: DaDaeDay (Chun)
PS3: Tatsujinken (Claw)
PS3: ChaiThai
PS3: Evilj82 (Ryu, Chun, Vega)
PS3: Dios X (Dictator, Dhalsim)
PS3: Basicallyarnel (Rose, Fei Long, Guile, Bison, Ryu)
PS3: Truaj (sagat-abel)


Awesome Idea!

X360: Teppelin
PS3: JohnRog

Please spread the word to the AI/Vid94 guys for me Mr. JohnRog. I was in the scene briefly when SF4 first debuted at Super Arcade playing against all the legends I’ve heard of in the past…but now I’m kinda stuck playing at FFA every once in awhile in between commutes and it doesn’t get much traffic.

PS3: Warren


PS3: DaDaeDay

arcade: Denjin Arcade :stuck_out_tongue:

XBox: risingtied81
PSN: emtee

I’ll most likely be maining Ryu/Ken until I learn the game mechanics better…haven’t had much playtime with SF4 yet.

lol, imma make a separate thread for donations in getting you an xbox busta.

haha :lovin: im too broke to get a console. i had to sell my wii and all my games to keep playing sf4. thank you shogo for making it 25 cents :slight_smile:

I think its a good idea to use that “Group” feature the message board has…

my gamertag is in my avatar.

Add me to the x360 list.

H0RSEY SAUCE (“0” in H0RSEY is a zero)

PS3: str1d3r_z3r0

Updated. I didn’t even know about the group feature, I’ll check it out…

i’m in.

xbox 360: nasir1220

Thread updated with each players main character to hopefully diversify the matches. I updated already with a few of the guys I’ve played with a bit, so feel free to add yours whenever possible. It also looks like we’re gonna get some real reviews of the Online functions/play in the first week of February. Let’s hope for the best!


shoosrk <- psn

you socal guys better add

bob rohnjog and max etc

Haha, my PS3 is finally gonna get some serious playtime from this. By the way, were any of you ps3 guys planning on going to japanvideogames to get the game 5 days early? It’s a bit overpriced, but I’m gonna be getting it just to play the game early. They’re in Temple City, not to far off the 10 freeway.

oh i’m IIDXGOLD not scottind

needs correction :frowning:

My bad, done.