SoCal's Level | Up Thank You!

First and foremost,

Level | Up Series -
I want to thank my team for making my vision into a reality. They pushed themselves to the limit to take care of the people that mattered, YOU! :karate:

Galaxy4Gamers: Chris/Mike - thanks a lot for working very hard in the support, registration, Beat the Pro and just for being yourselves. You guys are awersome!

ActiveGamers: Thank you so much for taking care of the equipment and being supportive throughout this process.

West Coast Lans: Arthur, thank you for taking the time to set up and deliver the extra equipment. You’re so pro at setting up and being a classy guy!

Madcatz/Markman: I can’t thank you enough for the support not just on my event, but what you’re doing for the community as a whole. Your position is a blessing to us fighting game fans because your passion for sticks is 100% from the heart. Anything you need, rest assured Level | Up has your back!

Namco Bandai: Thank you so much for the support, the Tekken community had a great time!

Hori: Thank you for your support and kind words at our event Yuuki. It was also a pleasure meeting Masami-san, I hope he enjoyed the event! Also thanks to Ryan for making it out! Glad you made it bro! :tup:

Triumvir: Brian/Brandon, thank you for being so easy to work with and just being awesome throughout our meetings and events. Hope you enjoyed the ride like we did.

PRINT5K: Thank you for the high quality badges and business cards. I’m very impressed :tup:

Thanks to Vitamin Water,GamerGrub,Monster,SourPunch,Eboost,Young & Reckless with providing goodies for our guests!

Norcal SF4/TK6 players: Thanks to both John Choi and Bronson Tran for putting together a great team for their respective games.
Fchamp,Ricky,Terry(Tammy too =P),Vance - Jimmy,Andy,Patrick,Brian thanks for repping NorCal well :karate:
I didn’t forget the rest of my NorCal players that made it anyways! Crack,Crizzle,Hiro,CJ,and the rest of you <3

SoCal: Thanks to the great players of LA,Riverside,Orange County,San Diego,Valley for the support and co-hosting the event. We are the SoCal FGC, the love you show for our out of town guests is how this scene stays strong!

Justin Wong: Congrats and thank you for showing us why you are the U.S. Street Fighter 4 Champion!

OG Team R.U.N: Thanks for the support and COMBOFRIEND for an exciting finals!

SD: Lots of love -Nemonic,ShadyK,Yeb,Alexman,Marman,Nate,Christine and the rest of you beautiful people <3

Arizona: Sabre thanks for bringing the new blood and all your mentoring to get these guys to the top! Juicebox Abel GGs, enjoy your 100 =)

New Mexico: Thanks for helping out on last minute unlocking of SF4 chars!:tup: I hope you enjoyed the event. You guys were so chill.

SoCal TK6:
Special thanks to Level Up Your Game’s Rip/MYK and co-runner Rickstah <3 for taking care of the Tekken tournament.
I know I haven’t been around the Tekken community like I used to, but I hope making more events like these will help us catch up!

Tekken 6 Players: theres so many new faces and I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet all of you. I really do appreciate you coming out and hanging with us. Much <3

The OG Tekken players: thanks for your support! We go way back and it’s so inspiring to see you guys are still around like I am for the SF scene. My hats off for everything you’ve done for the Tekken community all these years!:tup:

If I missed people, I apologize for not typing out your name. Theres so much love to give that it would take pages to fill! <3

Thanks again to the FGC as Level | Up strives to bring you high quality events you deserve!

-Alex Valle

It was nice seeing everyone.

Thank you.

Thank you in the works. Space reserved.

Can’t wait for the next event. Thanks for organizing and coordinating all this alex!

Can’t wait to watch this on the stream. JuiceBox beat Valle, oh shit.

Good job guyz. It was an awesome event. :bgrin:

Sorry i couldn’t make it out there sir. Dunno if you got my message but i woke up with a nasty cold/flu and didn’t want to get everyone infected.

Nice job Level|Up! :slight_smile:

Boo on Alex for playing Gouken in the Beat-The-Pro match against me tho!!! :tdown: We know which Ryu is the best!!! :rofl:

Wait, like, Triple Threat ActiveGamers?

Is there a problem with saying thank you to people who lend their equipment to communities in need?

this post is for when i have time to thank everyone that made it happen :slight_smile:

:wink: Ivylicious and Ultradavid had you guys switched around in the commentary :lol:


I was ROFL watching that vid since they never caught on that it was Alex playing Gouken. Smart counter pick by Alex though. I have no experience against Gouken and it showed! :stuck_out_tongue:

ACTiveGamerS = <3

They’re good ppl.

Good Shit Valle and the rest of the level up crew. Tournament ran smoothly and the venue was on point.

No, I was definitely a big supporter of theirs before and after Triple Threat, I even helped them set it up and take it down. I just wasn’t aware that they were still around, glad to hear they are though.

Good stuff everyone thanks wish I would have done better , not that losing to bryant and choi are bad :slight_smile: but still!!! anyway for reals like i said earlier excellent tourney great venue very fun etc.

Hope to support this type of event again thanks everyone especially nor cal without people like champ I would have 1/2 as much fun as there would be no one to talk shit to :slight_smile: and yes I know I’m free lol

Good shit everybody!! I had a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see my Beat-The-Pro match.

alex, thanx for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to come down. we had a blast. we will be back in the future. we wil lcome back stronger =)

Thanks to everyone that was involved, had a great time. Beer + SF = instant win in my book. Also thanks to everyone being hospitable to us AZ folk and listening to our random shit talk while Juice was on stage =D! Just like Sabre said, we will be back for sure and we will be even stronger!