SOCD Cleaner Kit Now Available

The board is labeled. THE PCB is printed with which IC (Integrated circuits or “chips”) goes where and in what direction the half circle cut out would match the notch in the chip. Each chip is labeled with a number as well.
As for the resistors, they are 4 identical resistors, and they can be facing either direction.

Just push the leads though for the resistors, bend the leads to they do not fall out as you solder, and clip off the extra wire.
For the Chips, make sure you got the right chip in the right place facing the right direction. and solder.

Here is a How to solder video for you

Ok I don’t understand what to do after that

I have a Qanba Q4 RAF

From Page one of this thread

The VCC on your Qanba, is where the red wire from your USB cable meets the Qanba’s PCB.

What’s a VCC screw terminal?
I found the wire, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it because there are no pictures and the instructions are vague

And what do I do with which wires?

This is very very confusing

And am I supposed to cut the wire from the white part it’s connected to then solder that to the SOCD Cleaner?

No. No not at all.

Look you should attach another wire to that same VCC point.
Just go ahead and read ALL of this

At this rate you need to know everything you can, and I am not patience enough to explain it all.

The SOCD cleaner instructions assume you already have a basic understanding of how electronics work. Read the post Darksakul linked to, it has a good enough explanation of basic electronics and how it relates to sticks. Without this knowledge, giving you step-by-step instructions is just going to set you up for failure.

I’m reading the link now, but it couldn’t be that hard to give step by step “insert A into B” type instrucstions

It is when you consider the applications for the cleaner. It’s not practical to give step by step instructions for every conceivable setup you could put it in, as opposed to something like the Cerberus board which is designed explicitly for TE boards. I’m not familiar with Qanba PCBs. You might not even have a Qanba PCB in your stick. Just know that the cleaner goes between the buttons and the PCB. If you’re this unfamiliar with electronics, how did you install buttons into your Qanba to make it into a hitbox?

I just finished reading the whole thing

Didn’t help with installing the SOCD Cleaner to a Qanba Q4RAF at all

Ok, since you guys don’t seem motivated, I’ll do this.

The first person to post full instructions on how to install the SOCD Cleaner to a Qanba Q4 RAF will be recieving a $20 Amazon Gift Card from me, after I’ve confirmed that it’s installed and working.

A money incentive should get me the help I need.

Those are buttons man

Those are super easy to install, just take off the quick disconnects, switch the button, and put the quick disconnects on the new buttons

Installing an SOCD cleaner is not so easy, especially when there are no good instructions

Sorry, I meant more along the lines of how did you plan on running the wires needed from the PCB to the directional buttons? Like, forget about the SOCD cleaner right now. Did you just take the joystick harness and strip the wires and daisy-chain the button grounds together? Because if that’s so, then you just put the SOCD cleaner in between the buttons and the PCB.

As for VCC, you should read the instructions more carefully, because otherwise you would’ve seen that the “screw terminal” was in reference to using a PS360+ PCB. Look on your Qanba’s PCB for a VCC. It’s most likely labelled. Now run a wire from that to the SOCD cleaner through-hole that also says VCC and solder it in.

To get the wires to the buttons I bought a wire harness that the connector from the end of the directional buttons connect into

This thing

You’re going to need to cut those QDs off, strip the wire, and solder them to the SOCD cleaner. Then you run the wires from the cleaner to the buttons. The cleaner will not work if you plug that harness in, hook up the QDs to your buttons, and then run wires from the buttons to the cleaner. Then you find where VCC is on your PCB, and run a wire from that to the cleaner. I don’t know how much clearer I can make this.

Its not that simple.

Well you don’t seem to have the incentive to learn the proper knowledge and skills. I can point you to the right way but you have to be willing to do your part.
Its not something I can talk you through, specially since each mod is slightly different.

No one going to make step by step guide with photos or a video on how to do with for a $20 amazon gift card.
How bout just sent me a $20 check or $20 to paypal and that before I hand over the guide. Scratch that, it means I have to buy a SOCD cleaner first.
You have to understand we don’t get paid to help anyone out, and toodles is way too busy. He built the kit assuming the costumer has a certain skillset for this.

You are better off finding a modder in your area who can do this for a fee.

I have the skills, I just don’t know what to do, this reminds me of picking up women, you have the skill, but you don’t know what to say

Tools needed :
Soldering Iron, soldering iron stand
wire cutters
Wire stripers
Note pad and pen/pencil
Recommended but not required helping hands or vice grip to hold the PCB as you solder.

Since you are adding a SOCD cleaner PCB you have to cut some wiring

  1. Take note what each color goes where first. You might want to write this down.
  2. Ether from the adapter or from the harness clip off the wire ends. I suggest cut the adapter in half, this allows a quick disconnect if you have to ever separate the SOCD cleaner PCB from the arcade controller PCB.
    Then Strip the wires about 1/8 of an inch.

You want the end that plugs back into the existing joystick wire harness.
3. The wires coming from your joystick wire harness, solder to the SOCD PCB in their respective places on the TO PCB side
4. the other end of these wire the ends that connects to the buttons solder to the TO BUTTONS side
5. Cut a length of wire and attach it to the VCC point on your SOCD PCB
6. The other end of this wire goes to the VCC point on your controller’s PCB.

But the VCC point on the PCB is already occupied by the wire that connects to the USB

Both pcb’s need to share the VCC line. Solder a wire to the underside of the Qanba pcb VCC and then connect it to the SOCD pcb VCC.

You don’t cut the USB VCC wire, you tap into it, solder another wire where it meets on the PCB and run that to your SOCD. If you actually read what I asked you you notice that[