Social Ignorance and Sex Offenders


I recently came across a thread full of fear-mongering and good old-fashioned American intolerance about how many sex offenders were on Gaia “just waiting to pounce”, with responses like “Well that’s an absolutely fucking horrifying thought”, “Oh my gosh, I bet so many” and “I bet many are on here so warning about putting your pics up”. (These were actual quotes.

In other threads on the subject, I found people making offhanded comments about how people they’ve never met they should never get out of jail or “deserve to be castrated”. Their attitudes display a lack of faith in the legal system and the possibility of redemption in general, spitting in the eye of the Christian society the majority of them are likely a part of, and a general lack of knowledge about how the law actually works, or what kinds of things can get someone put on the registry.

Normally when someone commits a crime, they go to jail/prison and ‘repay their debt to society’, with the length of their sentence being appropriate to the crime they commit, and then released once their ‘debt’ is considered fulfilled so that they can become a ‘functional member of society’. The sex offender registry in general displays a lack of faith in that system, basically saying ‘you’re debt is not repaid’ even though they served their sentence.

The law stigmatizes individuals and makes it near-impossible to secure employment and housing, denying those on the List the ability to become a ‘functional member of society’, which in turn creates increased recidivism out of antagonism or apathy. There is no registration for murderers, drug-dealers or car thieves, but we brand sex offenders as pariahs, and whip ourselves into a frenzy whenever one moves in near us.

The website is a potential hit-list for vigilante yahoos who feel justified in doing harm to those people (and often their loved ones) because of their own views of what their punishment ‘should be’ .Every person with even a misdemeanor sex offense must pass an evaluation given by no fewer than three state-certified psychologists in order to even be released from custody. Through this process, the actual ‘sickos’ out there are interred in the Sexually Violent Predator program, which places an indeterminate Life Sentence on them that virtually guarantees that they’ll never see the light of day again, which is itself an atrocity in and of itself.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1997 that giving someone an involuntary, indefinite commitment isn’t a life sentence under another name because the “patient” is “permitted immediate release upon a showing that the individual is no longer dangerous or mentally impaired,” but also that the state isn’t required to provide treatment that might help eliminate the danger! The law is fundamentally illegal, violating the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Eighth, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution, precludes Freedom of Association, and in that it is retroactive, punishing people that have committed crimes (and served out sentences) before Megan’s Law was passed in 1996.

It’s also extremely expensive, costing billions of dollars of tax-payers’ money annually according to a federally financed study in New Jersey, which concluded that the growing costs of the program “might not be justifiable”.Loudmouth supporters of Megan’s Law screech loudly about how it punishes ‘sickos’ and ‘pwotects the chiwdwens’, but it isridiculously easy to get on the list due to the overreaching definition of what qualifies as a ‘sex offense’, such as being seen naked in your own house through a window, having sex in your car with your (adult) spouse, public urination, or having consensual sex as a teen if the partner is two years younger. Extreme cases of this can be found when teens are punished for production of child pornography by sexting pics of themselves, or the story of Julie Amero.


So… are you a sex offender?


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Oh, man. That is too much to read. May you please space it out into smaller paragraphs?


The biggest problem I see is going to Gaia to begin with.


Yeah thats my main site, and I have a few mules. But don’t get to many serious answers.


so what is Gaia? That like a NAMBLA type deal thing? I dont really see the problem, perverts get found out, caught and sent to jail. What more do you want?


how can you post here and not know who Gaia is. She is God from 60% of JRPG’s


GaiaOnline is a chibi Sim life social site.

But to answer your question… Lets say someone goes to jail/prison for sexual assault, rape, molestation, and/or any other sex offences… Most serve a decent amount of time for their punishment (Which they should). But only to come home and know it’s not over. Depending on the case the person notify the neighbors about his/her situation. So, it makes it that much harder to find work and live comfortable due to your business being out.

Now look at those who are charge with very petty sex offences. They get thrown in the same boat as others with very serious offences.


Then thats good right? Bigger deterrent to stop people fucking up. Id rather get stabbed than get raped, stabbing somebody will net you more time in jail. If life was easy after serving your time then maybe more people will chance being criminals. If people know your life is going to turn to shit if you get caught, might keep some more penis in dem pants which overall for society is a good deal.

Are there problems with the way the law works? Sure. Teachers going down the toilet forever, how old is 15 really? Chicks calling a guy a rapist for not calling back? Tough breaks, but child molesters/rapists and the like all deserve to burn in a fire so am good with the compromise.

You really sound like you got history with this sorta thing lol and I completely agree with your last paragraph in your OP but what you gonna do? It is what it is man.


no that’s not how it works. Marijuana in California had a 5 year minimum in big boy jail, didn’t stop people from doing. Or heroin, methamphetamine, etc.

You cannot assume that punishment enough is deterrent to committing such crimes. If that was the case, gangs wouldn’t exist, drug use wouldn’t be an actual issue. hell, A DUI here in Cali nets you a revoked license, 10k min fine, and jail time. Still happens all the time, and will continue happening because that’s how things work. Capital punishment, which should be the ultimate deterrent still doesn’t prevent people from doing what they need/want to do. The law only scares people that would follow the law to begin with, the law doesn’t apply to people who don’t give a shit. Did you listen to your parents knowing that what you where doing was going to lead to you being punished? Of course you didn’t’, and you went ahead anyway.

Also, when you have laws that start looking as stupid as drug laws, you know there is an issue that needs to be addressed. The compromise isn’t benefiting anybody when there are glaring problems and your only response to these issues are…


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14 is a minor in the US, Messi. you posted a picture of a 14 year old in a bikini.

and it doesn’t matter how politely you described your sexual congress with her, it’s still classified as rape (her consent would be irrelevant because she’s too young for her consent to be acknowledged).

and also, i understand y’all’s age of consent laws are different over there and i’m just messing with you. personally, i think there needs to be some sort of reform. in the US, you can get popped and labeled a sexual offender for doing things that aren’t necessarily sexual; like if you were at a parade and had to piss really bad so you ran behind a building. if a cop saw you or a parent complains, you’re getting railed out in prison just like your Catholic priest cellmate, and you still have to tell everybody in your neighborhood what a freak you are.


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Despite being a liberal Greg Proops-lovin’ hippie feminist douchebag who would totally say “fuck the (mostly) dudes who commit these crimes against the half of our population most marginalized the world over,” I actually agree that a sex offender registry is dumb.

So does Dr. B, but the great one has the power to alter the timelines to erase the crime, which is why I’ll never stop licking his giant cock even though it’ll take me infinity seconds to finish. But why would I want to finish?