Sodom vs Honda

Has ANYONE EVER seen the sodom vs e. honda intro (pre-fight animation) in any version of sf alpha/zero?

If yes, wich version?

I have just read abut it everywhere on the net, but havn’t seen it for myself…


It only exists in Alpha 3 (the only game that has both characters in it). I forget exactly what they do.

I think it’s nothing more than a myth. Supposedly it involves both characters doing the sumo stomp thingy, but I have never seen it in any version or in any situation. Kinda like that Zangief vs. Mika intro.

Not sure if I misunderstood your statement, but there is a special intro for Zangief vs Mika

except the gief/mika intro exists, even on the home versions

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Just tried it out myself. Looks like no Honda/Sodom intro exists. Guess someone just made that one up.

i’ve seen something where the two of them are invovled in it, but i don’t think it was in the intro screen… i know something between sodom and either honda or gief exists… but not sure where…

tehy talk about it here

EDIT: Mention… not talk about

SF canon says they did fight, but I checked the intros and it doesn’t work. They just do their normal intros.

yeha pretty much… it IS possible that it’s stage specific…

Checked that too. 'Fraid not.

That would have been nice if it were true.
<–sodom fan

At least Honda makes a cameo in one of Sodom’s endings (Alpha 1 or 2)

Sodom’s ending on SFAII has him taking Sumo Lessons and battling E. Honda.

I misread the thread title as “Saotome vs. Honda…”

I have tryed it in all the isms on the PSP version with no result.

I do remember someone telling to have seen it on the arcade version of this game.

Please can anyone check the arcade versions on MAME?


It doesn’t exist, period.

If you have to have a final answer, ask Sano or TAS in the SF storyline thread in the fanfiction section. If they say no, then it’s no.

8-2 in my favor. Honda can’t turtle the banhammer.