Sodom's Name in Newest Cinematic Trailer

I’ve already posted this in the SFxT thread, but I thought I’d post it into a thread of its own just so it gains notoriety. I considered submitting a tip on it, but it’s not really substantial enough for the front page.

“Watch! Sodom is BEHIND you!”

I’ve heard others mention Sodom’s truck in the SFxT thread.


Sodom is behind you!

Huh-huh, he said… :rofl:

That’s what I thought. Sodomy. Heh.

It’s an anal sex joke.
It wouldn’t surprise me actually, given that almost every other Final Fight character is in.

Haggar was in the trailer as well. It’s probably just fanservice or a cameo at most. We already have 4 FF characters, unless Capcom is willing to go fucking crazy with the roster I don’t think we’ll see more of them.

Also, we’ve already got a thread for this.

Street Fighter x Tekken with 60 fighters, DO IT UP.

no, this still doesn’t deserve it’s own thread