Soft Filter

Just wondering what level you guys set the soft filter to.

Off ftw.

The game is incredibly jaggy on my monitor in HD without them on. But on the other hand it looks kinda bad with the filters on too… kinda disappointed with the new sprites, but the game is decent so far (except for online) so whatever.

You read my mind.

Tried the filters, didn’t like them. So Off for me.

Off, 3 looks so damn blurry, it didn’t match the character from the background. It’s like someone squeezed my eyes and made everything close blurry.

I couldn’t really tell the different between off and 1, so I’m sticking with off.

three seems to work for me its kinda dark the whole game in genral off is extremly jaggy on my sony hd

I turned the filter up to 3 and the game was a little laggy offline. So I turned it back to 0.

I turned it to 2, may turn it to 1. I just know that with it off, it’s jaggy as hell.

really?! the filter made it laggy?

Guess i should turn it off, i have it to 3 since its hooked up to my computer monitor and i sit close and 3 cleans it up rather well actually since im sitting so close , i can picture myself lowering it tho if im on a proper tv.

Yeah, but maybe it was just coincidence but I noticed some slowdown.

Now, if there were a way to enable scanlines, the jagginess wouldn’t be an issue.

Glad the majority are making the right decision…OFF

The colors are brighter and the sprite look nicer with no filters

2 is the best. It has the right combination of sharpness and smoothness, at least on my TV that is.

I haven’t tried any of the filters, so I voted for Off. It’d be nice if there were some images comparing them. I’ll probably stay with what I have now though.

off is the way to go… no need to try n hide the beatiful artwork…

i love pixels

i kept it off

I expiremented, the characters look way better at 3 than with none; especially if it zooms out when you’re having a zoning war.

I think it depends mainly on what TV/Monitor you’re playing on, if you can’t use 1080p don’t use 3, and if you’re on a normal 4:3 tv, turn it off. (Least that’s how I see it).

Also apparently the higher the number the darker/duller the characters become.

Anyway, I definitely like 3.


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