Software for remotely accessing a PC through a network


I plan to try and link a PC and a netbook via a bluetooth network (I know Wi-Fi would be faster, but I don’t need the speed). I would like to be able to use the netbook to control the PC as if the touchpad and keyboard were the mouse and its screen were the monitor.

First of all can I use this for such a purpose? On the specifications tab it mentions LAN access protocol so I’m thinking it’ll work.

Does anyone have any personal recommendations on software that’s good for this? I’m doing searches now and of course get a bunch of results, but I’m hoping someone here can provide some insight.


what OS you running? For Windows2000/XP/Vista, you can use the built-in Remote Desktop Connection. Or go to for a web-based version. Logmein requires a client install on the system you to want to remote to. Once it’s setup, you can access that computer from any other computer through IE, firefox, etc…

as for BT, never tried networking 2 PCs together via BT, can’t help you there…


(I’m using XP) Wow, I didn’t even know that it was a built in feature. I’ve never needed it so I never bothered to explore it. Thanks for that.


For a non-microsoft software that does the same thing you could use RealVNC, they have a free version which works perfectly fine.


Thanks I ordered the netbook and it hasn’t arrived yet. I figured it would be best to have solutions waiting so I could go to work when it gets here. I’ll report back with a success or failure story. Still does anyone know for sure if what I linked to in the first post will work for what I’m trying to do?

I did some research on the LAP protocal and it looks like it will so I’m 95%. I’ll probably purchase it anyway, but I’d like to know for sure.

Also if that one will work for what I need it to do is the ability to network through bluetooth common within all devices like that? I’m looking around and for like $7 more I can triple the range. Don’t need that now, but it’s something to consider.