Sogetsu Av request

Hi to all the great ava makers on this site. I would like to get a Sogetsu Kazama ava. This intention comes, because I’m right now more into SS then Garou so I want this to be represented. After some time I’ll change back to my self made Terry ava for sure, but this won’t happen soon, thx to SSVSP … Anyway, here is the link to the pic.

The pics quality is a bit low, thx to a bad scanner but it’s still ok in my opinion. Now the relevant stuff. I would like to have Terry_nb on it and would like, that the mood of the pic is a bit darker. It should be, that you could feel the thinking, cold blooded and calm personality of Sogetsu. For the colours, please choose some grey, black, dark blue or something like a combinition of this. Btw, you can take some time for the ava and use some ideas of your own of course. Just try the best and present a good work. :slight_smile:

If anyone is still listening up to this point and even want’s to make the Sogetsu ava, thx fot the attention and I wish the best for the result. I hope I get some answer somehow.

kindly regards Terry_nb

There ya go dude, hope ya like it, peace -Lalo-

Thanks a lot for your time and the quick work -Lalo-, the colors are really well done (also nice choice with the fontcolor, because Sogetsu’s element is water). :slight_smile: Btw, it would be nice if you could make the Terry_nb a bit smaller and bring in Sogetsu’s hand. This thinking pose is to cool, I hope you can relize my wish. If not, I take it as it is.

Thre ya go dude, np

That’s nearly perfect Lalo, thx again, just one last thing. Maybe it is better to make Sogetsu’s face smaller to have his hair also on the picture and take the Terry_nb a bit higher (like in the first example from you, btw the new fontsize is great). That would be everything. :slight_smile:

My final offer, peace -Lalo-

That’s very good work, thank you and take my best wishes for your further works.