Sogo Bar Fights Round 2 Results (09/05/2009)


1st - Moshtaba (Sagat)
2nd - Kymah (Gen)
3rd - Tactix (Gouken)
4th - Nagata Lock II (Chun Li)
5th - DaflipmastaXV (Rufus)
5th - Flightwing (Sagat)
7th - Pringles (Sagat)
7th - Wilson (Ken)
9th - JDK_MARK (Ryu)
9th - Rebelo (Guile)
9th - EX_MATT (Balrog)
9th - Blitzman (Rufus)
13th - UltraCalvin (Blanka)
13th - Alex L (Sagat)
13th - Gerjay (Ryu)
13th - Noodleman (Sagat)
17th - ALLCAPS (???)
17th - Fareed (Sagat)
17th - Chaos2d (Akuma)
17th - SpiralGuy (Sagat)
17th - Regecide (Balrog)
17th - RPGv2 (Cammy)
17th - Italdaniel (???)
17th - YellowS4 (Zangief)

GG’s to everyone today.


Dino: Thanks for organizing another great tournament. Sogo really is a fantastic location. I hope we can host more tournaments there in the future.

Vince: Man did you ever step up your directing game. You worked hard all day and ran a 57 man tournament in under 8 hours. You deserve all the credit in the world.

Josh: Thanks for running STHD.

Tactix: My GOD has your game come a long way. I watched you play off and on all day and was in shock and disbelief how much your Gouken has improved. Great job man.

Kin: What… the… fuck? Good shit holding it down with Gen. I’m looking forward to watching the Grand Finals.

Darko: You were easily the top non SF highlight of the day. I like you over anyone in a drinking contest.

Rey: Thanks for holding it down for the team. I’m going back into ST retirement. I was decent back in the day but garbage now. Thanks for letting me freeload.

Supporters: Thanks to anyone that had a kind word while I made my run through losers. I really do appreciate it.

Station 2: Thank you.

Station 3: FUCK YOU!


I choked.

Quick HD Results:

  1. SAUGA!!! aka Me/Fareed OCV the day (WTF??!)

Edit - This is the laziest shoutout post in history, so I’ll add something else.

Thanx to everybody who made this tourney happen for me and everybody else.

PS - Doggy was on Team Sauga as well and had to play Jed for his only match of the day.


Vince is Beast, Nagata is a beast, everoyne I played GG, VInce keep it smooth be strict like you were this time and you know dq those late ppl :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you team for supporting me in ST even though I let you guys down I didnt beat ppl I thought I was supposed to, thank you darko for buying me non alcoholic beverages for me chug on, thank you vanny for being vanny and awesome, and jamie and rey thanks for teaching me ST, also mad shoutouts to DS for leveling up Canada behind the scrubs back. Oh and thank you mosh for raping me and making me thinka bout SF4 abit more.



thank you kin for trolling the toronto SF scene by coming 2nd with Gen. also for parrying the wallet that darko threw at you without even looking.

thanks vince and josh for running excellent tournies

thank you darko for being my personal hype man the whole tourney

thanks rey for beating me in HD. i fucking hate you

everyone i was watching today levelled the fuck up. especially tactix. good shit.

i’ve now joined the wango club of TOP 33 IN TORONTO1!!!


lol the wallet parry

Darko being Darko was awesome.

Sauga choke day imo


Seriously Matt, how’d we go from “HEY GUYS, ALL OF SAUGA IS STILL IN WINNERS” to “Ugh… did you lose too?”


I was never in winners.

I lost my first match then won like 6 straight?


wallet parry I swear I saw it say Tech Bonus above Kymahs head: 2000pts


Mosh Sagat’s back in top form? Good to see he bounced back after not taking the top spot in the G3 tourney.


Allo friends,

I had a really fun time at SoGo.

I hope I was able to put on an interesting and entertaining Grand Finals.


  • Grand finals was between 2 PAD players. Everyone, go take your precious TE’s and throw them in the garbage.

  • OCV’ing a team in HDR at 88%

  • Vince for running a very smooth tournament, and not taking shit from anyone. Good shit. If you keep running tournaments like this, I won’t even need a bus from you for pownz.

  • Black Knight wings were alright!

  • Winning $4 off of JayWang for the Over/Under sonic boom game, during Mosh v Rebellio. 25 booms per match; I had the Under.

  • Tactix, holy shit man. Talk about leveling up. Your Gouken is a beast sir!

  • Moshtaba, really fun set. I wanted to win so I could do the AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH like your cousins lol. You got some smart shit going on in that head of yours. :nunchuck:


  • My neck is fucked up. There’s gotta be a way to lower the TVs

  • Darko trying to decapitate me with his wallet. Good thing I still have some of my uber goalie skills from high school

  • B-List waitresses :wow:

  • Me: "Ok Jeeebus you’re approaching Don Mills Station now"
    Me: "Ok, we’re at the station now, you should stop."
    Me: "OK, you’ve passed the station, but you can drop me off at the intersection"
    Me: "OK, you’ve missed the station, so drive me to the next one"
    Me: "Are you listening to me?"
    Jeebus: “Huh, what?”

  • Playing at 88 percentile in hdr cause of stick

  • Losing 99 games of tetris to noodleman.

  • Trying to play the movie game with DrunkinDarko.
    Darko: "Armageddon!"
    Me: "Ben Affleck"
    Darko: "Armageddon!"
    Jeeebus: "No, you have to pick another movie Ben Affleck was in"
    Darko: “Bruce WilliS!”

Anyway, really fun tournament, GGS to all those I played (Mosh, Teddy, Blitzman, Chaos2d, Davero, DG). Really different having the whole room cheering for me, as opposed to the whole table saying “Fuck you kymah!”

Next tourny, OHIO!

Kin “kymah” Mah


ggs to everyone I played.

STHD was fun. Holy shit moment of the day was definitely S4’s miracle 720 on Davero. The look on Davero’s face for the next two minutes after was priceless.

Thanks to Dennis Kim for teaming up with me and Vanny. Your Rog is solid. Sorry I couldn’t have anchored a better result.

I suck completely at IV. I can’t keep up practice on it and I’m ten steps behind everyone else it feels. GGs to Chaos2d and Wilson.

Drunken Darko was jokes and so was drunken nguman.

The classic Darko moment was one no one saw…in the car on the way back he randomly talks about how he needs to go to the bathroom and asks “Can you take me to the poopenstein?”

There was also the “Blockbuster country” story that I think I’d rather leave to Vanny or Rey to tell since they could probably do more justice to than I could.


i had a blast tonight blew like over 100 on drinks and some food lol still was pretty awesome =p



Fuck, I completely forgot about that. DrunkenDarko > *


I blame the “Hat”

I’m gonna wear it next time to psych you out =p


1st Match Jaywang: wtf im playing wang first? eh fun match but the gimmicks don’t work when im that stoned

2nd Match SpiralGuy: BlitzMan told me what to do so i was like free win vs spiral guy

3rd Match Kin: Hat = no snakestrike for me =(

4th Match Wilson = Bad mistakes for seth but F u all hes fun

BTW FUCK YEAH! NAGATA LOCK Taking out the spiral!

Sean Beating random seth and Wang! sorry wang it just had to be done


Good times at SoGo.

Thanks to all the directors.

GGs to whoever I played in sfiv and STHDR

S4 / Nagata, sorry I couldn’t hold it down this time. Was still fun.

Thanks to Anant for bringing his PSP, with no games. 6 years in the making for total failure.

Congrats to kin.

Drunk Darko never fails at the entertainment.

Drunk Ngu is a close second.


loooool ngu just droppin it.

I dropped it huge =/ and i have a headache


Hey guys i had a fun time at sogo
dino thanks for the tourney
kymah is fucking sick with gen
tactix your gouken is honestly the best gouken i have played ever
justin your chun li’s a beast

thanks for everyone else for coming out and i had a great time and im getting a ipod touch with the money AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH lol


Tournament of the year for me, shit was too funny.

Thanks to Vince, Dinoz, Josh and Emily; along with Sogo staff.

  • Nagata’s cleaning his phone while some random drunk not named Darko is saying he’s shit.
  • The randomness of HDR
  • Jews at BK
  • motherfucking WATER
  • and good shit to Tactix, Nagata, Kin, Teddy and Mosh!




yeah My chun’s beastly. I couldnt’ believe i beat spiral guy.


in other news, I have one person i REALLY REALLY REALLY need to thank, and that person is my girlfriend, Jess. She held shit down with me and helped me keep this thing moving. BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER POST.

After breakfast Tourney results post coming soon…