SoGo BaR FightZ Round 2: Sat.Sept.5th.2009


***SOGO Bar Fightz Round 2!! ***

When: Saturday September 5th, 2009, 12:00PM SIGN UPS 3:00PM START SHARP!!

Where: SoGo Bar (Over 100 Flavours of Wings!!!)
4002 Sheppard Ave. East, Unit 101 (@ intersection of Kennedy And Sheppard)
Scarborough, ON


  • 401 EAST to Kennedy Rd. (Just East of DVP/404)
    -Go Left/North On Kennedy. On your right hand corner at NORTHEAST Corner of Kennedy and Sheppard. Parking Should be available all around

-85(Any) East from Don Mills Station, or 190 Express.
-43 Kennedy from Kennedy Station.

Venue Info ? This will be our second event outside of Bleecker. We are doing it at a local sport bar with a great Menu, good space, and TVs & 1 PS3 already there. We can keep the Deposit Venue Fee $5 each if everyone on avg spends $15 on food and/or drink. Your $5 will then be refunded to you once you can show a reciept of $15 or more. You have the option to forfeit your $5, and eat somewhere else, but thats up to you. But the food is great and inexpensive. ONE HUNDRED FLAVOURS OF WINGS!!!


I’ll Repeat


Tournament Info**

Games will Start No Later 3:00PM!!!
Pre-Reg -

SC4 Singles (Directed by Oofmatic)
Format Double Elimination Best of 5 Rounds, Best of 3 Matches

  • Semis/Finals Best of 5 Matches
  • Entry $5 Split 70/20/10
  • Start Time 3PM!!
    SC:BD Singles (TBA)

SF4 Singles (Directed by RXS)
Format Double Elimination Best of 3 Rounds, Best of 3 Matches

  • Semis/Finals Best of 5 Matches
  • Entry $5 Split 70/20/10
  • Start Time 3PM!!!

SF2 ST 2v2 Teams (directed by Davero)


BlazBlu Singles (Directed by Russel)
Format Double Elimination Besot of 3 Rounds, Best of 3 Matches

  • Semis/Finals Best of 5 Matches
  • Entry $5 Split 70/20/10
  • Start time 3 PM!!

The beauty of this Venue is that they have plenty of TVs to use, plus one system already there. I still think it is in our best interest to bring at least 1-2 Setups just in case.
As an incentive if you can Supply a PS3 and/or TV than I will PERSONALLY Buy you a DRINK or WINGS ($5-10 worth) for your effort and help. You will still be required to pay the $5 Venue fee, and spend at least 10-15 Yourself for the fee back. But BRING A PS3 AND I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!!

SFIV PS3s - Sogo, djKun, RXS, Scithdeath (x4 Sogo TVs)
SCIV PS3s - Dinoz, Oofmatic (x2 LCDs)
SF2 360 - Davero? (x1 TV?)
BB PS3s - ??? ??? (scithdeath; Russel?) (x1 Sogo + x1 ???)

Hopefully there is enough Systems the day of. I?m not sure if we will need extension cables for some of the setups, but shouldn?t be a problem

SIGN UPS - Since this isn’t our usual venue, and we don’t want to over stay the welcome, we’ll have the directors arrive at about 12pm to make sure all venue stuff is taken care of. Then from 12-2PM we do signups and try to start both games AT THE LASTEST 3PM!! Time is Money people!!

Pre-Reg -

PLAYING MATCHES ? Please go to the bracket Director (Me or Russ) and ask when your/Team match is. IF you have to leave the Venue please tell us so we are not running around for you. Also please keep all your team members together. We don?t want to stall the tourney for one Person. When Matches are being called, and we can?t find you we?ll only wait as long as the tourney permits. Once the tourney is being held up, we will be forced to DQ!!

I’ll talk more about these topics in the days to come.

BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!!! The Last one had over 100 People. Lets do it again!!


I"m gettin drunk


:sad: Best of luck to everyone attending. I can’t make it this time around. :sad:

If you missed it the first time, this was easily the best GTASF tournament this year and you owe it so yourself to attend this time around. I’m sure everyone learned from the few bumps last time. This tournament will have the great atmosphere from last time with smoother direction.


Check Davero’s Pics from the Last Sogo if anyone actually is unsure about whether to go to this or not.

I’m also trying to include:

DJ Adverb - Music was great, and really adds to the Atmosphere of the Tourney

Freestyle Comp - I’m going to hand pick 8 of my friends to participate in a Double Elim Bracket Freestyle Competition. I can elect a Panel of 3 Judges, with crowd reaction also influencing the final result. This will only take place every 15-30 mins, and last only about 5, so it won’t really interfere with the tourney. If anyone wants to nominate their friend PLMK.

CosPlay - I want to see if I can get the Waitresses to dress up as Chun Li, C Viper, Sakura…just to add to the Vibe. Hell we can even have a Mini SF/SC Cosplaying competition. Anyone here know any good Costume stores?! Or fashion designers?! :stuck_out_tongue:

EB Games Sponsor?! - I’m going to go the EB Games near my house and find out if there is anyway I can get them involved in this to give it that added "official"ness.

Combo Exhibition - Just to add some Flare, I think we can get 4-8 Guys to participate in a “Combo-Off” Like a Dunk off. And the Winner will recieve some Prize or $$$.

These are just ideas to expand on the tourney scene. Please let me know what you guys think.


I like Mark for the combo tourney!

PS - I take that back… I like spiral guy for the combo tourney.


You want a poster Dinoz?


Dat Madden

Remember, everyone cries about lag.

all you can eat wings


Fix the tv’s. My neck was killing me last time.


nguman - A Poster would be great. You can email it or PM it to me.

Saco - Hmm I’m not sure what can be done about the TVs but there will be 1-2 stations on the ground so yea.

Thanks for the input guys. I need to know we can get at least 50 for me to run this. Shouldnt be hard but still want to make sure.

Also Nominate SFIV for either Singles or Teams (not both). And Nominate another game if you’d like (BB,3S,ST).


i say we do a sbo style 2v2 fuck singles


fuck that.

We already had a Team tourney, it was called TX

Run singles since 70% of the players didnt even play the singles at TX.


Get hype.


I will be in attendance.

Dinoz - PM me if you need anything.


Also I elect STHD.


Ok I have to agree with scummmmmmbag.

Team tourneys have been done. And done. And done to death.

If this is yet ANOTHER team tournament, I won’t be attending. Bleecker, TX. Come on. Forget it.

Also, the name of the tournament is terrible. Seriously.

This could be interesting. I would do it HORSE style. So player 1 does a combo. Then the following people have to repeat said combo, otherwise they get a letter. And then player 2 does a combo, and so forth.


Haha I’m sorry guyz. I couldnt resist such a tempting name, with Food and Games available:P.

We can call it “Back to Schooling”…“Take You to School”…“School of Hard Knocks”…




weren’t there only 2 team tournies?

fine make sthd 2v2 nguman let’s run that and team up


Who wants to team with me?? I came 33rd at the last Sogo tourney!!!


Good shit Dino. Your the man.