Sogo Round 2 Registration

So September 5th is approaching and to make registration easier this time around, I’d appreciate if those of you who are attending can just fill this out for me.

Gamer Handle:
Location (Be as specific as possible):
Games you’re playing:

My example…
Name: Emily Chow
Gamer Handle: Emlarr
Location: Scarborough, ON
Games: Soul Calibur IV

I’d like to stress the importance of **NO SPAM **in this thread. If you have something to discuss, do it in the other Sogo thread. You can also find all the information about how to get to the venue, the price of each tournament, etc. there as well. Oh and feel free to register for your friends either in this thread or at the door.

Now on the day of the tournament make sure you come and register first before playing casuals. The faster we get registration done, the sooner the tournaments can start. Cut off time for registering on this thread is 10am on September 5th and registration at the door is between 12pm-2:30pm. After 2:30pm, you’ll have to personally search me out. (And I would like to get in some time for casual games just as much as anyone else.)

In summary:

  • Please register here so I can meticulously make organized lists!
  • No spam in this thread!
  • Register your friends if they don’t have a SRK account.
  • When you arrive at the venue, register first!

Special Note: If you are registering for SFHDR, you can figure out your team on the day of. Youl will have to talk to Davero.

If you do have any questions, feel free to PM me. Thanks!

Name: Dianand Sawh
Handle: Dinoz
Location: Scarborough
Games: Soul Calibur IV

Name: Dave Ro
Handle: Davero
Location: Downtown
Games: STHD, Street Fighter 4

Name: Tatenda
Gamer Handle:proteus
Location: York university
Games you’re playing: SF4

Name: Jae PookPook Le Ngu Ngu
Handle: Ngunman
Location: Vaughan/Woodbridge
Games: STHD,SF4

Justin Huang
Jay Wang
STHD Teams, SF4

Name: Vince Hui
Gamer Handle:RXS
Location: Hamilton
Games you’re playing: SF4

Name: Jay
Gamer Handle: Yellows4
Location: Markham
Games: SFIV, HDR teams, Dat Madden, Dat NHL


Can’t make this anymore, sorry : (

Name: Jason Marshall
Gamer Handle: Gerjay
Location: SAUGA
Games: SFIV, HDR teams, IS there DAT MAHVEL?!

Name: John Nguyen
Gamer Handle: djKun
Location: Woodbridge
Games: Street fighter 4/BB

Name: James Urbanski
Gamer Handle: Crayz Penguin
Location: Mississauga
Games: SF4, MvC2

Name: Andrew
Gamer Handle: ALLCAPS
Location: Markham
Games: SF4

Name: Mike Green
Gamer Handle: duckman
Location (Be as specific as possible): Spadina (as of September 1)
Games you’re playing: SFIV

Name: Danny Truong
Gamer Handle: Buddah
Location: Mississauga
Games: SF4

Name: Mark Maljik
Location: Regent Park
Games: SF4

Name: Chris Flanigan
Gamer Handle: Tsuroka
Location: Milton, ON
Games: SF4

Charles Collymore
C 3

Name: Osman Aganagic
Handle: Tofu Warrior
Location: Thornhill, Ontario (York University)
Game: BlazBlue

Name: Spencer Verzosa
Handle: heishin concept
Location: Markham, Ontario
Game: Sf4