Sol Cal 4 Tower of Lost Souls Hidden Items/Unlockable Honors strats/discussion thread

Let’s try to keep this disscusion strictly on this topic. So I’ve managed to get pretty high up in the Tower of Lost Souls. Only problem is, getting some of those tresures can a real bitch. I’ve been checking out the list on gamefaqs and I say we put our minds together to figure out strategies, characters and equipment setups to make it easy to get the treasures.

Here is the full list.

Now, has anyone pulled this one off?
11f Grim Horn Defeat all enemies with a critical finish

I’m guessing what we need here is an item/armor piece that raises your ability to damage the soul gauge. A weak weapon (you don’t want to kill them) and a character that can use a rapid succesion of attacks that is easily abusable and they also posess a fast abusable gurad crush technique. I’m not sure if guard crushes do more damage to the soul gauge, but it seems like it does to me. You have to do this against 4 enemies.

What is the fastest way to level up characters? Anyone knows exactly how this works? It seems to happen at random for me. How does the exp system work? Does this game even have one? I’m asking this because some of the better abilites are at level 9 and they would make treasure hunting a lot easier.

Now, with he abundance of noobs online, we know that some honors will be damn near impossible t get. So how about we help each other out with a few of these? Team up with an SRK memberand get these 2 honors easy.

World Class Fighter Fight against 20 different fighting styles (Online).
World Traveler Fight on all stages (Online).

It’s pretty easy to see that most of these honors/treasues have to be unlocked or gained by pure luck. I’m still surprised that I have this one in my list.

(Numeric God The last two numbers of total play time and remaining time in a victorious battle are the same.)

I am some what of an completes when it comes to my fighting games, other games I could care less. So that’s why I’m making this thread so we can all benefit from each others ideas and strategies.

One last thing. Can anyone confirm on weather or not these honors have to be unlocked aginst the AI or a human oppoent? Otherwise we could just get online and do the endurance related honors in unranked matches just to get them out of the way.


there an SC forum and there’s already and SC thread :wtf:

The 11F one is easily done by spamming Yun-Seong’s 4BB. Easy. A lot of the achievements are easy to get and can be taken/discussed/get help to the SCIV thread. I haven’t even played ranked matches and I have 80% of the achievements.

I am aware of this and I asked permission to post this thread. I already tried to get this topic started on page 80 of that post. Yet discussion of everything else SCIV and other random things are going on in there and this is what I wanted to focus on. While some of the achievements are easy to unlock, a lot of them aren’t. So that is why I made this thread.


Itll just be cool when someone posts a save for PS3.

Oddly enough there are some saves at gamefaqs. I haven’t tried them myself, but from what I heard, the files are hard coded and only work with the PS3 they originated from. I use to love downloading saved files for DC games. Let someone else do all the work. Especially for MvsC2. That was entirely to much shit to try and unlock. No matter how much we played the game, shit was still impossibly far away.


it’d be easier if you just beat the tower, get 30 achievements to unlock all the pieces, then farm floor 60F with the Algol exploit…instead of pulling your hair out on some really dumb challenges.

this is what i did; gives me peace of mind knowing that i don’t have to do that stupid tower to get all the pieces of equipment. i just have to farm floor 60F one or two times; each time is only 1 1/2 minutes’ worth of work! :lol:

btw, leveling weapon styles is apparently done based on the amount of hits you’ve dished out and also taken during offline and online matches. i’d just recommend you go through story mode about 5 times; by then, you should be approximately level 8 or 9. this takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour per character.

but…if you insist on doing it the hard way with the grief, be my guest.

copy-n-pasted from the other thread; enjoy:


use a CAS with Astaroth’s moveset and max HP; equip Nanfanbu and HP Drain A+Venom C combo.

Astaroth Combo of Doom: * [db+A],B; d+(A+K)*

all you have to do is [db+A],B over and over again. if they land right next to you on a bounce, do d+(A+K) for additaional damage. repeat and rinse.

if you get to the very last one with Algol, you can actually farm him for gold; lasts 2 minutes per run. you really do have to get your shit down, or else he’ll blow through your team.

Make 2 extra copies of this CAS and proceed to rape.


on level 60F, you face a powered-up Algol.

make 3 Yoda CAS’s with Nullify Ring Out A, and back-peddle to the edge of the ring. don’t attack Algol at all; don’t even push any buttons.

stand a few steps from the edge of the ring; eventually Algol will knock you down and then try to attack you. don’t move! don’t roll, don’t do anything, just sit there!

eventually Algol will flip himself out! sometimes Algol is a retard and kills one of your Yodas; just have faith, and reposition yourself against the edge of the ring; he’ll eventually flip himself out on the 2nd or 3rd Yodas.
an easy 12.5k in less than 2 minutes total, from load screen to award. average is maybe 1 1/2 minutes, tops.

rinse and repeat.

the tower is a joke after using this method to beat it.