Sol Dust loop on Xbox GGXX#R

I have been trying to do this for a while and I am beginning to believe that it isn’t possible to do on the xbox version. Can anyone confirm this or have I not been doing it correctly?

This is how I normally do it:

Command throw w/K, SJ D, D, SJ. D…continue…

I can do the first part but then doing the second SJ, I miss…


Uhm, yeah, you gotta do normal jump loops. At most, you’ll get one rep of sj.Dx2, and that’s it. There’s always Poor Man’s j.D loop, which is j.D, JC, j.S, j.D, but that gives you ass-tastic damage. j.Dx2 is where it’s at. Dashing into it is even better, 'cause it looks awesome and keeps you closer.

On the bright side, j.D floats the opponent much lower in #R, so normal jump loops are possible on just about anybody (they weren’t in XX). You just gotta work for your damage now, lol.

I THINK it’s still possible to do sj.D loops, but you have to dash into them, which is hard as fuck.

you can SJ still but i think you can only get 2-3 reps. as of you do the J dust loops you can do i think 5-6 reps

You can’t even get 3 reps with SJ loop in #R. Two is max, and you’d have to cancel the second Dust in the second rep into a VV. Best is to do one SJ rep then either finish the combo with a dash jump into doublejump combo or go directly into normal loops.

Normal jump loops average between 4 and 5 reps. 6 is hella excessive and usually won’t work.

Aight, i spent the weekend trying to dust loop for hours, and the most i got was 3 reps of the normal jump (which i couldn’t get like 90% of the time) and could get 2 reps about 40% of the time. It’s really hard to get the timing down, and you gotta have them at the right height.