Sol help..


I need help with Sol’s air dust infinite,I want to know what a roman cancel is and how to do it,and any other combos that inflict good damage. Thanx in advanced.:smiley:


I’m going to warn you the you’re just asking to have spam. I’m pretty sure that I covered it in another thread, as well as other people already covering it, so it is really annoying when people ask for the same question over and over.


Well its not that hard just to answer the question. Im not gonna go on a wild goose chase for an hour for one combo that I can just ask someone in general and will take 2 minutes… So anyone please post please.


No, that question would take almost too much time to speak about so look in GGXX: General Strategies Thread. The Roman Cancel should be covered in the manual.

EDIT: BTW, his Dust Loop is NOT an infinite. He has the Bandit Revolver Infinite, but that’s not as good as his dust loops.


Will the dust loop also be covered in the thread?


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
guys,please have a look at the old threads all has been said a lot of time.more than that it’s recently that the dust loop was reexplained.
i’m a guy who helps as much often as he can,but i’m tired to answer to the same questions everytime.

click here

and here

and next time search before ask,please.


Well thanks for the links but as I said,i didnt want to go search every thread for one combo. Also,I dont understand all of those obreviations because im a newbie. Can you explain them?


I should make a sticky soon, look to your right side of your keyboard. 6 means right, 4 means left, and so on and so forth.