SOLD 18" Volk GTU Gunmetal - Fits MKIV Supra or other Toyota - OBO

For sale are used set off VolK GT-U. These were on my 1994 Toyota Supra.
Great condition. Front right rim has very light curbing. Can’t really tell at all unless your looking actually looking for it. Rims are NOT bent in any way or deformed or anything like that.

Size are as fallows:
Bolt Pattern: 5-114
Front sets-
18"x9" with tires that are 235x18
Rear sets-
18"x10" with tires that are 275x18
One of the sets of tires are Toyo T1R and the other is bridgestone I believe.
Comes with the Volk Center Caps and Valve Stems.

Price is $1900 for everything. Feel free to make offers.
SRK gets free shipping for these. Only if your in the US.
Paypal or Wells Fargo Official Checks only Please.

That is a niiiice car man! Supras are awesome. Just curious, why are you selling these? You upgrade or something?


parting it so i can go back to stock and sell the car.

You can’t sell the supra! Shame on you, your SupraFist!
What are we going to call you then? It will be lies!

:rofl:, comon accept that offer on the watch :wink:

later, :wink:

What’s the offset on these?

oh man id kill for some volks D: