**sold**2x ps2/xbox SF AC joy stick modded

Looking to sell TWO street fighter anniversary stick with 6 convex buttons, 2 spacers and the euro IL 8way joystick. all the buttons were soldered in and this can be used on the ps3 with the converter. also this stick does not give lag on the normal converters for the ps2/ps3 like the hori does

1 stick is all blk buttons (pictures below)
1 stick is red white and blue buttons ( will add pictures)

asking price: $60 plus shipping each
reason: i need that TE stick
condition: used

to show that geifs head is balled to show that it can be used for the ps3

This better sell quick or I’m going to be pissed. I spent a few months looking for one of these at this price. Just picked one up last week. Best of luck with the sale.

i made another post with my se stick to sell why the hell isnt the post up?? and i did that one first!!!

Hold the one with blue white and red buttons stick for me, if i get both do i get discount?

It got magically whisked away to the SF4 thread.

I’ll take the black buttons SF stick. I’ll send you a pm.

no sell on stick yet? im quite interested :o

Put me in line if either of these fall through. I’ll shoot a PM too.

i’ll take one too if anyone backs out

Kazujiro seems to be the potential buyer atm

Nuts would have bought one myself

Payment sent, thanks dude!



Put me on the list of people interested if people back out of this steal

did u sell both?

Oh man i thought i was the first one to pm you?

:rofl: @ price
I’ll grab them if the other 5 offers fall through.

damn andy how many sticks you got!? someone buy these off him so he get can that damn te lol

Same question.

yea sold both to Kazujiro will ship out to him tommorrow. thx guys.

what happen with “first come, first serve” o well no hard feelings.