SOLD - Agetec PCB

Tekken 5 PCB - $20
This is the same PCB from the above case. I took it out a while ago for use with something else but never went through with it. The PCB was desoldered using a solder sucker, NOT dremeled.
PCB is in perfect working condition. I can leave the soldered wires if you like.

I can combine both PCB and the case for $45

Dreamcast Agetec PCB - $20
I have an extra DC Agetec PCB for sale. Was gonna put this in the T5 case. PCB is in working condition.

Paypal Only Please. Or local pickup is cool too. San Jose area.

Please PM if your interested.

Thanks for looking.

Hella good deals on both of these!


pm sent about t5

pm’ed aboot the hrap2

Updated. DC Agetec added. Hrap 2 sold

and thanks Paik.

DoA 360 Stick added.

Interested in the doa stick, got pics?

PM sent

DoA Stick sold. Others are still up for grabs.

I gotta say…you wanked me for the hrap…I asked a simple question and stated I wanted to the hrap. I got “already sold”… bro thta was messed up to be honest. I figured it would be at least on hold for a day/sec/minute. I said I wanted it, but just wanted 3 questions answered. Then bam its gone. I feel this was bs cause I wanted it and I pm’ed first. I was someone who could pickup close and you knew I pm’ed you first…anyways. I honestly feel slighted for quick cash even though I would have paid it.


I’m sorry about that Jedi. However I did pm you back asking you to respond asap as I did need the funds. And you did not tell me you wanted it on hold. I have had no problem with placing items on hold when asked. Again I do apologize for that but I did need the funds asap.


Everyone else : Price lowered on the last stick.

Bleh I shouldnt have wrote that…I would delete it but I said it so fine. I really didnt get that out right but I was hammered and had no buisness being on last night.

Again Im sorry I wrote that, it’s kind of how I felt but definately not worded correctly

I still want the t5 stick if we can do the pickup on Wed. Let me know. I’ll pay the original 55 since that’s what I agreed to pay earlier in the week. I really want that stick.

Onikage: PM sent

Added Empty case and 2 pcbs.

About the t5 PCB, if you left the wires on it, how long will they be. I’m wanting to build a stick of my own, but I’m not confident about my sodering skills.

I’ll take pictures of the wiring tomarrow.


updated. sorry everyone.