SOLD - B15SDM Designs Dhalsim Theme Case (Used)


Case Sold.


Bump. Price dropped, but it won’t get much lower.


Great price on the stick, these things are built really well. Good luck with the sale, surprised someone hasn’t scooped it up already.


The design is pretty amazing, but I think the problem is that the scheme limits it to Dhalsim fans alone.

Still… hoping a Dhalsim fan will come along and pick this one up. It is very purdy and very solid.


Can we see a pic of the inside mounting area? This is a very good price btw! :wink:


ACK 2 sticks I want posted… damnnit… oh well, in a month I will have some extra stick money :slight_smile:

GL with the sale… I am sure someone will pick it up as B15 cases are always sought after…



Last price drop before e-bay.


Sale pending…


Payment sent! Thank you!