*SOLD* BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Tournament Edition Fightstick (PS3) $60


Yo. $60+shipping. Either that or any version of the Madcatz TE for the Xbox 360. Would also trade and for the Xbox 360 Hori Real Arcade Pro. VX

Location: Marietta, GA

EDIT: Sold to the lucky user shiryu7. All you other niggas… See what waiting till that next check do? Yea bruh.






Changed price!


pmed you. not sure if you got it.


Interest. Pm me so I can get a shipping quote.


Why don’t you guys who are interested PM HIM?! He is the seller and you guys want to buy the item. DO THE WORK FOR YOUR PURCHASE!
GLWS :wink:




$60? Damn, I feel like a chump for even thinking $350 is fair. I haven’t seen any for sale outside of here under 200.




Watching this. What a deal.


Extreme chump, that guy you payed/would have payed, would be laughing his ass straight to the bank.


I was more or less talking about myself, since I was trying to sell mine for that much. Me being the chump for thinking $350 is a fair price to sell it for. I bought mine for $60 on amazon and have no idea what they’re actually worth right now.

I would be laughing to the bank if I did get the money, no lie.


I think only the 360 version will get you 150 and up…since the shell is white,you know :slight_smile:


Just want to alert everyone. It’s been over a week since I paid for this stick. No item and no response. MEMBERS BEWARE


YIKES! Hopefully things work out. This was a steal… Hope he didn’t pull a fast one.


Thanks. He actually responded today and provided a tracking number. Will report back in a few days.


Yah the second he said google wallet I back off. No one uses that.