SOLD: Close me


SF IV is really the only console fighter I’m playing now and I have a TE stick for that, so after some thought, I’ve decided to sell my MAS. Probably putting the funds towards a new bike so I can get out of the house a bit more.

It is an 8 button PS2 stick (competition buttons) and has a P360. I’ve probably only used it a handful of times to play Marvel on my Dreamcast, so it’s in excellent condition. It is less than a year old.

Price is $150 shipped in the US, OBO (paypal).

It’s late here, so I’ll post pics later today after I wake up.


Bump with pics added.


BUMP, price dropped to $140 shipped.


I’ll take it. Thanks.


$135 Paypal pmt sent. Please add insurance and trk #. Let me know when it goes out. Thanks.


Sold, close thread.