***sold close please mods***


Hey guys, looking to pick up some extra cash so here comes your friendly neighborhood Dan’s Student! :tup:

Up for sale today I have a few fighting games and misc. They are:

XBOX 360:

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 $14.99 shipped****

[S]Dead or Alive 5 $39.99 shipped (Online pass WAS NOT USED!! Good online pass ready to go!)[/S]


Persona 4 Arena $34.99 shipped****

[S]Soul Calibur V $14.99 shipped[/S]


Final Fantasy Theatrhythm $32.99 shipped (Sorry no pics, perfect condition though)

All games are complete with case, manual, and in excellent condition (That includes FF Theatrhythm)! These games come from a smoke free home, owned by myself, an avid game collector and enthusiast.

Paypal only, all sales FINAL. SHIPPING TO CONTINENTAL US ONLY. WILL SHIP UP TO TWO BUSINESS DAYS AFTER PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. Please understand these terms before buying! <3 Shipping is 100% FREE!

Another added bonus from your buddy, if you spend ~$30 on AT LEAST TWO items you will receive $5 off (ex. Soul Calibur + MW3 total = $24.98), and if you spend ~$60 on AT LEAST TWO items you will receive $10 off! (ex. Persona + Final Fantasy total = $57.98)

Thanks for looking guys, these will go on eBay soon soon soon if I don’t sell them! :tup: Good looking out SRK please feel free to check my feedback here and on eBay under real-gamer1!

[S]EDIT: Also have this Qanba Q4RAF on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271072234721?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649[/S]

[S]Battleworn on the bottom of the stick, moved start button from top to right side of the case myself, etc etc all details on page. $129.99 shipped, comes with original Qanba nicely designed box.[/S]






Responded to all PMs so far. Waiting on payments, assuming all goes well, DOA 5 and P4A are the only ones available. Will update if something falls through!


SCV gone. MW3 on hold, FFT on hold for a day or so. Everything else (DOA, P4A) still available.


Final Fantasy no longer on hold, haven’t heard back from the original inquirer.




UPDATE: DOA 5, COD, FFT, SCV, Qanba Q4RAF arcade stick all SOLD and SHIPPED OUT!!! Persona 4 Arena still available!!! Thank you to everyone who has purchased, please check your inbox for confirmation and tracking numbers!!!


All items sold, please close mods thanks!!! :china:


Change the thread title so they would know to close this.