SOLD close please


Sold close please


NICE. Good luck man. I would definitely picked this stick up if i didn’t have myself a norris. =)


I got my TMO. I would like to pick another one up but my funds are miniscule. Good luck on this beautiful case. BUMPED.


case looks better in person got crappy camera so doesn’t really help.


forgot to mention will throw in extra replacement spring for jlf,ball top red and blue


Nice case and good price, but I have to ask…why did you buy this if you were just going to sell it?? Wasn’t this case just put up for bidding like a week ago?

also could you pm me what your winning bid was? Interested in how high these are going for.

gl on the sale++


i was going keep it but now i need cash.


lower to $200 shipped first one to pay get it.
or 180 cash pick up.


That is a crazy low price for a stick of that quality. Someone needs to buy this soon. If it stays up for sale much longer I might have to buy it.


yep trying to scrap up some cash to buy a MR2.


well going sell all the stuff separately.


1st gen mr2? i LOVE mr2s


looking to buy 91-94 ones, 93-94 are super rare and cost alot of $$ for them.
found a 91 for a decent price.


nice, good luck! i rarely ever see the 2nd gen anywhere out here. when i was in texas there were surprisingly a lot of 1st gen (even a few supercharged) near where i was living.


Hows the condition of the 9xbuttons and the PCB?


ahhhh i wish TMO had a hole for neutrik adapter :frowning:
i hate mouse holes.


like new only used once on buttons pcb had it for couple months.


hi there i have sent u all the payment to u. thanks


payment sent for pcb thanks:)


whats going on. i paid for the whole thing.

EDIT: stupiddddddddddddd paypal fuck me up big time. their site is screwed.

i lost on a good deal