SOLD Close plz


joystick made by DevilsFang on SRK. stick is like new only used 4 times less than 3hr of game play
Feedback ebay helpme43 or on SRK same user name Kodo.
all Sanwa parts jlf stick
press start & select as the home button, yes got plexi on top.
115 shipped 48 stats only paypal confirm address only


I thought this got sold about… 3-4 months ago. It never happened?


nope i just let the tread died got a lot of question about it, but nobody pulled the trigger.
it’s just been sitting here.


Bah, well good luck man. It’s definitely a solid looking stick.


lower to 115 shipped


T5 stick?


i think so


is it mapped out as square, triangle, R1
X O R2

And no ps2 right?
What’s it modded with?


mc cthulhu board
don’t remember lay out
you can add ps2 if you needed it.


if you can find out about the layout I’m paypal ready


lay out top left to right Square Triangle R1
bottom left to right X O R2


lol you do mean “X O R2” right?


yea sorry R2 for bottom


paypal plz. would it be possible to ship it to gummowned instead of shipping it to me?


sure if you add the address to your paypal account, and have that address as the shipping address when you pay; i can ship it to there.
paypal account is


money sent, however, can you hold onto the stick so i can make arrangements first to see about getting it modded?


ok let me know threw PM


PM sent