sold close thread

For Sale! A candy cab in great condition that I got from ArcadeUfo owner fubarduck a few years ago. all the bells and whistles work and the cab is in great condition. Includes working lights and kick harness. little to no burn in on the monitor of course!

Phoenixed cps2 vampire savior kit as well. Both will be sold as a package for $750

Buyer deals with shipping and has to make shipping arrangements. Cab and game is located in Slidell, Louisiana zip code 70458


Where are you and this lovely cab of yours located? You mention Arcade UFO, so I’m guessing you are in the Austin area?

hay man nice combo how much would it cost to ship to nyc ? i always wanted to buy a cab could you hold it possibly ?

cab is located 45 minutes outside of new orleans

maybe if the price was lower then it would be a nice buy

^ Way to shit in this guy’s thread.

It’s a fair price for both items if the cab is in good condition. More than fair if it is really clean. Pics would help a lot regardless. Average condition NAC = $400-$500, Good $500-$600, Clean/Like New $700+

Free bump for OP, best of luck with your sale

How much just for the cab. I’m located in Houston.

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Good price & cab looks clean! If this was local, it would be in my arcade collection already! I really should not buy anymore things cuz i need the money but how much VS shipped if you willing to sell separate?

rcaido its an honor to have your blessing on this sale. best believe if i have to break up the bundle i will hook you up my brotha . you already know

i would love to have this need a cab in my life the funds are to high for me. Does anyone know how much this would be shipped to brooklyn ny? i want to have this :frowning:

What’s your zip? Gonna look up a shipping estimate. Might jump on this because it seems too good to pass up.

11210 thanks again

I’m guessing that’s a no on selling just the cab by itself.

i can do that but first im going to see if anyone wants it packaged…its easier for me that way. if that doesnt work out ill let you know once ive decided to break it

my zip code is 70458

my zip code is 70458. find a shipping company and ask them how much it would be.

I’ve made up my mind. Sending pm now.

Good luck on the sale! I love my NAC!

yes the deal is currently in negotiation with footinfection.

i hate to see the thing go but…sometimes gotta do it

am sad really i am …