Sold close thread

i have for sale a CPS2 SSF2X PCB A+B Board (Green). has not been phoenixed and battery has already been changed since purchase (march 2008)

posted ebay now:

check out some of my other items too.
if anybody is interested in a framed Street Jam poster, PM me. its in mint condition, hence the framing. it’s not the reprint that gets sold everywhere, its the real deal. 5 foot by 2 foot or something like that. beware: very rare poster, very expensive framing.

take my advice it doesn’t go well on srk put it on ebay:bgrin:

Even then, not worth $170…$130-$140 tops…

are you kidding me, bud? do your research before you thread crap

on ebay now:

Noaffinity, I sold two of that same PCB on here for $180 shipped so yeah, it is worth what he says it is.

damn right after evo too… :sad:

if you dont get what your looking for it I might be able to in about a week and a half. Im like 35 mins away from westminster too.

Sometime within the last couple of years people started charging a shit load for Super Turbo, now it seems to be accepted to charge those high amounts for it. I would never spend 180 on that game, not when you can get them for 20.00 max on yahoo JP with artwork and often times the original factory box.

But hey, this aint Japan right?

Good luck with your sale either way

I don’t know about $20 max. Try EMS shipping it out to the US as well, but that’s definitely an exaggeration.

people did start charging retarded amounts for super turbo out of nowhere, just recently (late 06ish) and people pay it

dont make a whole lot of sense

eBay decides the market on it, and there’s demand for it. We’re kind of threadcrapping on the guy, but I have one more thing to add. You can’t just “buy” something from Yahoo Japan unless you know someone, or have an assistant. With shipping two ways and commissions, (especially needing EMS) it’s going to be expensive no matter what way you look at it. It’s not “oh it’s worth 3000 Yen” and that’s it.

youre right, it is an exaggeration… I paid 12.00 for mine on yahoo JP with artwork and an A board. Granted I was not even mentioning shipping as it is implied that it costs more obviously… I think I paid about 35.00 dollars with shipping from Japan so that’s 47.00 for a JP ST A/B board with original art… still a lot cheaper then 180 anyway you cut it.

Right you are though, sorry to jack your thread dude… good luck with ebay.

Well, if they were available at that price, you would be buying em all up and selling them here for $100 and making a ton of profit, and so would everyone else at those prices. Funny I don’t see anyone doing that, though.


Well, they are available at that price and no I wouldnt be buying them and re-selling them here for a profit… I actually resent the accusation that I didnt get it for the price I said and that I would be flipping them if it were supposedly true… especially considering you and I have never even met…

But even if I didnt have shit else going on in my life and had the time or inclination to invest so much into nickel and diming SRKers on arcade crap, I wouldnt. Why? Because Im honest like that and the thought would never even enter my mind.

you’re wrong they are not available at that price. visit any jpn pcb site and they will list a new kit for $500usd, used A board for $250. the reason why it is so expensive is because of SBO and other tournaments have been putting emphasis on ST and that pcb stores are running out of them. the shit’s out of production, what do you expect? its still one of the top tiered games to date. i dont give a fuck if you crap my for sale thread, but the info you are putting out is false. maybe you did buy a ST pcb for 20.00. goyou.jpg now do yourself a favor and gtfo of this thread because you think you are awesome with buying ST for 20.00. go on yja and give me fucking proof. what? are you looking at famicom cartridges? or are you looking up SSF2? cause i know dumbasses who think SSF2 is the same as SSF2X. shit’s a joke. yja dont even have any ST shit listed other than shit for GBA and posters and OSTs. thats how hard it is to fucking get. i bought mine for 200 shipped from there so dont give anyone else any more shit. go fuck yourself for talking out of your ass

I really think you need to get your facts straight.

If you buy something for $20-30 shipped, and sell it for $100, how is it dishonest? That’s called business. What country do you think we live in? It would actually be pretty INTELLIGENT for someone to do this because there is a need apparantly for cheaper boards since you came on her and sprung this $20 crap on everyone.

And for your information, nickel and diming would be making small money here and here I think an investment of that caliber (buy for $30 and get $100) would have people LINED up filling a void and making you or someone a LOT of money, offering it at a competitive price.

I love your definition of honesty, that’s rich. Apparently making money is not honest (as a generalization) to you, which means business, as a whole, is ripping everyone off.

Fact is, this board is $180-200 shipped even from CoinOpexpress, so I guess they are dishonest as well. I’m not sugarcoating this because you came in here and messed with the man’s thread on something that is priced well. There should be a rule for this because I’m sorry, it costs at least $50-60 to SHIP that board EMS from Japan, and “maybe” $30 if you use SAL, which would take forever, so I call lies on this unless you bought it years ago, and then I really have no idea why you posted in the first place.

I checked Yahoo Japan, only 1 PCB is up right now with a STARTING BID of $40, and you can pick up instructions and dox ONLY for $20, so not sure what you are seeing that I am not. Everything looks normal to me still.

i have a question…you have a iidx controller and you said you tested on pc. Mind telling me what adapter you used? i have a few iidx controllers in the closet collecting dust…

Oh, and to not go off topic, my buddy bought a cabinet off CL that was supposed to be SFA3 and some dude had it in storage. We plug it in to make sure it works and it ends up being ST. Dude is like “woah, i thought it was alpha, sorry. Tell you what, ill knock $50 off”

So my buddy got a ST cabinet (it was an old MK2 cab with the krylon touch, lol) for like $120. But it was a one-time lucky, random deal.

People have offered him $160 for the board all day long, i could easily see it getting sold for $180.

GL with the sale

radioshack branded adapter. goes for sticks as well. i have used it for iidx15, ggpo, nulldc, dmc4, and assassin’s creed and it works perfectly fine. if you can find it, get it! i found two at a radioshack and knew i had to get it before someone else does. damn gratz on the cab. once in a lifetime opportunity…

Wow, you guys (not you Seth) are retarded2X:GMC. ST is like the most common JP board and the cheapest. $500, lol, damn there are some jamma noobs on this site.

Yes, you can get it for under well well under 75 bucks shipped from japan after fees and shipping.

Pysch, wow what an incredibly thought out and provoking response. Youre right rookie, A boards cost 250.00 and I dont know the difference between a famicom cart and a CPS2 cart.

DreamTR; you “calling lies” on me buddy? Go ahead. I dont know you and frankly I dont care if you believe me or not. Not entirely sure why you decided it your part to so vehemently defend these claims, but you should ease up.

I never gave a definition of “honesty” did I? No. I simply said I am more honest then to invest so much effort and time in making such a small margin of profit on people who are not privy to the source. Is that nickel and diming? Absolutely. You actually took the time of searching through yahoo JP and hurriedly reported back here with your findings to which you reported there was only one board currently for sale. Being as business savvy as you seem to be, you can do the math yourself and see how there aint much money to be made in that endeavor. Again, Nickel and diming.

Oh and dude, come one… coinopexpress? Do some research man, they are notoriously the most overpriced hawkers out there. Ive been to their shop in HK on numerous occasions and I can say with full confidence that they are some of the shadiest people in this business.

I got a life to tend to and aint got no more time to waste on this garbage… this shit is stupid and Im actually embarrassed to be involved or to have even had a hand in this.

if either one of you want to continue this, feel free to PM me… or holler at me when your next in Oakland and you can come to my arcade and get wiped up. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the back Mike! We gotta get some games in soon man…