Sold. Close thread

Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK - Comes with a blue Sanwa balltop - $25 SOLD

LS-56-01 - Comes with a red Seimitsu balltop, octagonal restrictor, MS flat mounting plate and wiring harness. - $33 SOLD

Sanwa Black Meshball - $15 SOLD

All items are like new and have only been used a very few number of times. The only reason why I decided to sell these is because I’m going to be purchasing an LS-32 soon, as it suits me better.

Prices listed DO NOT include shipping. Shipping prices will be calculated after I find out how many items need to be shipped to each person. The LS-56-01 comes with all the extra parts because I will have no real use for them once the stick is sold.

Paypal only please.

Thank you!

I’ll buy that jlf


I’ll take the Sanwa Black Meshball
PM’d you

And i’ll form the head! ! !

…i’ll take the LS-56

damn got here too late if they don’t come through I’ll take the JLF and the meshball.