Sold close

Ok so I now opened my new Xbox 360 Mad Catz MLG TE FightStick and used it for about 2 weeks. Then I found a good deal on a PS4 TE2 so i switched over to ps4 and have no need for my xbox 360 stick.

Price is 80$ +shipping

Are these for 360 or PS3?

xbox 360, sorry i forgot to put that one there.


price reduced

I want, where you shipping from?

The used one is now sold.


added a picture

Hello Dizz, this is the same as the SFIV TE sticks right?? Looks the same, just making sure.

Would you be willing to ship internationally by chance?? Reason being, I could ship it to my skybox in the US, and wait for it to be shipped here. But Im leaving the country in 2 weeks, and the only way to get it before then would be to have it shipped directly. Lemme kno please. If not, where are you shipping from? I have family in a few states and I can see if it can be shipped to them asap and then sent to me. But I’m really interested in this product.

I cannot ship internationally.

No problem, check inbox