SOLD: Custom Dual Modded Round 1 TE


Hey everyone, so as the title says I’m looking to sell my custom Dual Modded Round 1 TE for [S]$175[/S] $145 shipped to the US or trade it for another stick that’s dual modded (I’d love an SC5 stick for the xbox that was dual modded). The stick is perfectly functional and has been sitting on my shelf unused for a while now. I’ll consider any offer you may have.

More Pictures (19 total):

Here’s the overall information:

It’s an Xbox 360 Round 1 TE that has been dual modded using a ChImp auto-detect board (plug into the system and it’ll register for the Xbox360 or the PS3 by itself) by Ben Fong (Networking Yuppy here on SRK). I’ve also removed the stock white sides and put on hand stained wooden TE sides. There is currently an extended plexi and custom artwork on it but I could include the original Round 1 artwork and Red Bezel if you want those.

With the wooden sides, I bought them from someone here off of the trading outlet. I used a protective stain which had lacquer in to give it that shine as well as protect it from water. One of the sides (the left side if you’re looking at it from the front) was a bit larger than the other so I did a bit of sanding to even it out to the other one but as you can see in one of the pictures, it’s less than a centimeter above the plastic shell.

The stick is the basic Sanwa JLF that comes with the TE, but the microswitch pcb has been replaced as of last month. There is a Sanwa square gate currently on the stick.

The buttons are 6 Seimitsu Clear Grey/Black and 2 Sanwa Yellow/Black. The Start and Select buttons are Sanwa. I can put all Sanwa buttons back onto the stick if you prefer but I only have white available.

For the internals, in one of the pictures you can see two PCBs side by side. The green one is the TE PCB, the black one is the [FONT=Helvetica]ChImp PCB[/FONT]which makes the stick a 3-1 (360, PS3, PC). The dual mod was done again by Ben Fong of Next Level. All the rest of the wiring is original stock.

To cover the miscellaneous, do note that I followed the instructions on how to install the wooden sides from the Focus Attack website. It involved me having to screw them in through the shell. Lastly, I’d advise avoiding removing the bottom panel as it was a pain in my butt to put it back in place once I put the sides on.

I hope that covers everything.

Edit: While cleaning my apartment today, I found the bottom panel screw that I thought I lost so it’s a complete stick.


Lowered the price to $150 shipped due to needing the funds. I’m also trying to move this out as the wife to be keeps complaining about my sticks taking up space.


Last price drop to $145 before I keep it as straight for trade only or just keep it.


Modded by networkingyuppy? Is it safe to assume you are in NYC? I wanna do a meetup to save shipping fees. Will buy if you replace the seimitsu with Sanwa buttons, i’d prefer that. will post tagged pics of $$ if you are down for this deal…

if you could also replace your custom wooden sides with the stock white sides, that’d be great.
as for a dual modded stick, I have no experience with the wiring whatsoever. I’m guessing it’s soldered, so what is the living life of the stick?


Hey Gohanmon. Yes sir I do live in New York City and everything sounded good until I got to “putting the white sides back on”. I don’t have the original white sides anymore. The wooden ones are all I have. As for the dual mod it is soldered but I don’t know how to answer your question of “living life of the stick”.


Ok, never mind the wiring question. I’m just paranoid if I shake it a bit the wires will come loose and the stick will brick. But seeing that networkingyuppy offers professional services, I don’t think that would happen. For safety purposes, we could meet at a neutral place if you are willing to do the deal. Next Level sound good to you? As for your price, that’s the price if you were to ship it, assuming it includes the shipping fees. How much for a local meetup?


Stick pending local sale. Will update whether it goes through or not.


Did this go through? Desperate for a dual modded stick for evo in ct.


We sched’d a meetup for today.


6/19. Sold to me by Eric the family man :smiley:


As Gohanmon mentioned already on my behalf, the stick has been sold. And yeah, I get that joke a lot from the wife who says I look like a dad with my Khakis and polo. Enjoy the stick man!


Dad or not, you should replace the intern with the family man as a new handle haha. Dope deal you gave me, thanks!