[SOLD]: Custom painted/art MadCatz Fightstick TE for PS3 (price drop)


Selling an SFIV MadCatz Fightstick TE for PS3. Case is fully painted with dark blue vinyl dye, custom art and plexi by Arthong. The top pic is how I have it currently with 6 black rim/Dark blue plunger Sanwa buttons, 2 clear seimitsus, clear arrow dust washer and sanwa dark blue ball top. The lower pictures had white sanwa components for contrast but I wanted to experiment with something different.

For all practical purposes the stick is brand new- but I did play it to test it and take it appart etc for painting, so it would probably be considered used, but in excellent condition. Ships with original box.

I can change out the components for different colors in the following ways if you like (or mix/match based on what I have listed)

  • revert back to white like in bottom pics (no charge)

  • all dark blue buttons (no charge)

  • 6 dark hai rim/dark blue plunger buttons
    -6 black/dark hai buttons

  • black meshball balltop (add 10$)

  • red meshball balltop (add 10$)

current pic:


UPDATE: The stick has been SOLD. Thanks everyone for your interest and the bumps :china:


Wow, I like the dark look.


damn that stick looks too nice but 190 is a little rich for my blood


yeah, I wasn’t sure how the price would go over because you can get stock ones for fairly cheap… Even though that’s the case I thought it was a fair price because with the cost of all the components/paint/art printing/plexi and everything it’s already at about that price without even figuring in the time I put in to do the paint job and everything… And that’s even figuring in the cost of the stick at 100-120 or so since that’s what you can get them for now- not what I actually paid for it, so even at that price I’m losing money.

I did it just because I enjoy doing it, not to make a buck but of course I’d like to at least come as close as possible to breaking even, haha. I’d be willing to take offers via PM, but I’m not desperate for the money, so I’d honestly like to wait a little while to get asking price before coming down.


ok ok, I see people are not feelin’ that price still…

I can go down to $175 + shipping… any takers


Good luck with sale!




OOps- kitsunisan, thanks for the free bump- I just sold this recently and forgot to update… my bad.

updating the thread title/op now.