SOLD! Custom Wooden Fightstick


Brand New Custom Joystick. Sanwa JLF. I can wire it up for PC, PS3, PS4 for $180 or PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 for $220. Also I can swap the joystick for Seimitsu LS-56 or LS-62 at no additional charge.

Completed Transactions:
Purchased Mini Fightstick Case from @devastator 2x
Sold Custom Wooden Fightstick to @lilfoot


big fan of your mod videos for focus attack. g’luck with the sale


bump price drop!


i can’t afford it at this time but i would definitely take this off your hands if i had some money. good luck with sale.


Very sharp.


What are the dimensions


I will measure when I get home.


I’ll take it from you. How would you like to make this transaction?






New item for sale.




damn that came out clean.