(SOLD) delete please

So i recently bought this stick 2 months ago i played it frequently throughout the first month the 2nd month i slowly stopped playing. I no longer want this stick it is still pretty much new. I will be selling for $100 i still have the original box it came with. Also i will throw in an extra sanwa joystick and 6 white sawna buttons for the shipping :). If you want to see pics let me know thank you.

I want to see pics please!

I would like to see pics as well

okay you guys later tonight i will have pics up i am not home at the moment soo please be patient!

As long as they look in good condition have nothing wrong with them, consider me down for it

I’d love pix as well.

I would buy without pics. Great Price. :tup:

here is the pic guys comes with everything you see. There are no problems with any buttons or stick everything is fine. Like i said i just do not have any time to play anymore and would love to give it to someone for good use :slight_smile:

BTW! This is not including shipping. So if you are from out of states expect a higher price for shipping of course :p.
this is a first come first served. so whoever can and will pay me asap it will be yours and will be shipped by tomorrow if i get the money now.
Thank you.

Sorry. I Thought it was a White TE lol. so I jumped in so fast lol. Still a awesome price since you’re giving extra parts.Good luck with the sell.

Sorry for the misunderstanding! Thank you

What do you mean white TE?
The round 1 with the white sides?

No.Like the BlazBlue or Asian TE. When I saw that (WHITE) it shinned on my eyes that I didn’t realize that he was talking about the Artwork. Lol.


sorry guys i got busy yesterday and could not get an estimate on the shipping prices. please be patient i will get it done monday! thank you

I’m interested as well

what the? sold? thought you were gonna get me shipping price…

Item is still up for grabs. If you are interested please PM me and i will get back to you as soon as i can thank you! :slight_smile:

I sent you a message. Definitely interested if one of the people who responded prior to me don’t end up buying it.