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Like the title says, I have 2 pre-wired common-ground xbox360 pads AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. PCBs will be shipped out to the buyers as early as Monday morning.

Links are here if the pictures above do not show (Flickr is temperamental):


[]Color-coded wires (for action buttons, directions, ground wire, and back/start/guide)
]Action buttons wired include X,A,Y,B, LB, RB. NO trigger buttons are wired.
[]Wires are not hot-glued, but they can be hot-glued to the PCB upon request. The connections are fairly strong since most are through holes (all except A button).
]Your choice of wire ends (.110" for Japanese, .187" for Happ, prongs for terminal blocks, or nothing at all).


Also check out my website at www.GDLKGAME.COM where I also sell hacked PS1 dualshock PCBs and hacked Dreamcast PCBs. You can also submit your name to be added to the pre-order list for the new shell we’re creating for joystick housing.