*SOLD* DIY Vewlix Cabinet ( made by Kray )


Sold this morning to a guy from York PA.

Original post below:

Okay, so, you may remember me as the guy who had a Tekken 6 Clone, and sold it.
-I ordered a Kray Vewlix cab, and got word that the Chinese Vewlix Clone I really wanted was available again… so I ordered that.

Now, I need to sell the Kray Vewlix Cab. I got it on Feb 1, checked the boxes, everything made it safely thru the shipping, and is ready to be assembled. I don’t want to put it togeather as it’d be easyer to pick up, or deliver if I leave it dissembled. Dont be afraid, the control panel has brown paper covering the plexi, and the other two spots with plexi have white paper. Please check the thread and Kray’s site for more pictures of the final products.

If you are interested in ordering your own, see his thread and sites:
DIY Arcade home
Custom Vewlix: Vewlix Clone Kits

The only variation on this is it’s got 5 24mm buttons for 2 start, 2 select, home/guide.
-that was my initial plan, but you can do as you like.

Otherwise shoot me a PM, make me an offer, I’d like $550 for it, or a PS3 and some cash, maybe a TV and some cash, or a Voltech stick and some cash, lol, i’m open to trades. I am willing to deliver it to you, in MD, DC, VA, even southern PA and Delaware. Lets work something out.

I need some money for customs and forwarding agent fees… importing is expensive.


Damn I have a ps3 but it is the old one.


xbox 360 devkit for trade unreleased games early games etc no bs pm me