Sold: Dual 360/PS3 Custom Stick, Norris/TMO case


Hi, I made this updated version of my old custom using a case I bought from Norris/TMO about 5 months ago. The stick is in great shape, although there is some scuffing on the left side as you can see. Inside is a hacked 360 pad from ZombieCPT and a Cthulu board from Toodles. There is just a bit of dust on the right side under the plastic, but the graphic is white so it’s not noticible in normal use. The underside still has the plastic seal on it that you can peel off if you want to. I just left it on to protect the bottom. Buttons are sanwa and the stick is a JLF. Top/back of stick has 3 buttons that match, a back/guide/start for xbox or select/home/start for PS3. Included is an extention cord for USB.

Anyway, $225 OBO.


Also stick is stock, no alternate gates on it or anything.


Would also be willing to take 60 off the price for a like-new copy of the new KOF game for 360.


Would you happen to know the length of the USB cord and the measurements of the case? I can’t tell from the angle of the picture if the case itself is slanted.


Someone SHOULD BE ON THIS! :smiley:


PM sent.


The cord is about 8 ft long.


did the price go up?


I had made a typo.


oh okay i thought it was my dream or something lol


225 for a norris is a steal!


I shouldn’t even be looking at this…I’ll subscribe though, just in case, looks like a good deal and I’ve dealt with final_cut before.


Still available.


Stick is now sold. Thanks to everyone for looking.