*Sold* dual modded custom case

I’m selling a custom case made by my friend Elis and wired up myself. The case is made out of oak. There is no artwork in the stick. The blue plastic is still on the inside of the plexi. I can print out artwork and place it inside if provided the artwork.The plexi measures at 11.75" x 8.125".

The joystick is sanwa and the 6 buttons are seimitsu. Start and select are 24mm sanwa (start+select will press home).

The stick is dual modded using a 360 madcatz pad and my SMD version of the ps3 Dual Strike controller board. The buttons are led modded using Arc-Eye boards. They light up red when pressed and they all light up when the rumble is activated on 360. Video of the led effects in action

The firmware on the dual strike board is at v1.6.1 and can be updated through usb.

There is only one flaw with the stick and its a small crack in the top plexi. Its around the right screw for the joystick as it happened when the hole was being drilled to countersink the screw. I took a picture to show it.

I am asking for $200 for the stick + shipping.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.




I’m sure you want cash and not any trades, right? PM’d with questions.

pm’ed back.

just so people know, I won’t be interested in any trades for this stick.

Do you want a Japanese White PSP 1000 with a 8gb memory card for the joystick???

looks below


no thanks. not looking for trades. thanks for the bump tho :slight_smile:

Will you do trade with some cash??? Sorry for not noticing the no trade thing. T_T

Who got the stick Gummy?

EclecticNerd bought the stick.

This is the artwork he wanted put in.

I might be setting up a thread sometime for Elis so I can sell his cases for him.