Sold.. ebay diverted mods please close

Taking a needed break from fighting games and thought i would bless someone with my baby here take a look:

Cable storage door clip is broken

as you can see in the second picture of the recent uploads the door still fits snug without the clip, again it just doesnt lock in place

Dual mod done by gummowned
Plexiglas from tek innovations

I am asking $150 shipped. Thanks for looking!
paypal only please, no international orders…

just a quick note, i have traded on here for a while before the new system cleared out my feedback, i also have a good e-bay record.

I also have the original box

price drop

price drop again $170

so the storage door just flaps? do you have the headset adapter?

actually the door doesn’t flap its just not secure in place, no headset adapter, i never used it with my mic.

any other questions please feel free to ask

bump $165

bump! 150

what dual mod ? chimp ? or mc ?

Please excuse my ignorance but idk it was done by gummowned so whatever type he uses there are no switches you just plug it in and go again I’m sorry for not knowing

judging by the pictures, it looks like a chimp


bump for proness.
and i guess a random question so it wont seem like a free bump
why do u like the color green?

lol dk always liked green

seems like everything is slow, so either best offer or im putting it on ebay… ready go!

omg so tempting but its either this or buying a Tritton headset. (sigh)damn decisions,decisions:shake:

if you are interested ill drop it another $5 to 145 u cant beat that, im loosing mad money but i need to get rid of it to help pay bills and other ends, im shocked its been sitting this long

its a beautiful stick u will to trade? a te and 50 bucks?

i would but as the title says im taking a break from fighting games for a while another stick woulndt do me any good, when i return im getting a hori vlx

new pics!