SOLD: eTokki Omni (Sanwa or Korean) w/ PS360+, Aluminium Feet, RJ45

I want to sell my modified Omni stick to fund a new stick project.

I have removed the paewang PCB and put a PS360+ PCB in. I also added a Neutrik RJ-45 adapter to the stick to allow for PSX and upcoming dreamcast compatibility. I also removed the rubber legs and replaced them with aluminum feet for superior stability. The stick lies perfectly flat on a flat surface without wobbling. I also replaced the stock bottom screws with new M3x6 screws that lock into the treads properly without stripping.

In the pictures shown, the stick uses Sanwa black OBSF-30 buttons and LS-36 mod joystick. However, it will ship with a JLF and not a LS-36 mod stick (I was just testing the LS-36 mod at the time the pictures were taken). However, I do have a new Myoungshin Fanta (green) and new Crown buttons (black) available I can replace the sanwa parts with if buyers prefers. The stick will ship with one unused sanwa compatible plexi and one used Crown compatible plexi so you can change between them in the future.

FYI: The back buttons are two black sanwas for start/back and one seimitsu for the home (I ran out of black 24mm sanwas)

I will include one USB/RJ-45 cable. For an additional 5 each, I will include a PSX/RJ-45 cable and a DC/RJ-45 cable.


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