*SOLD* FS Madcatz Evo evolution championship edition Tournament edition pro fightstick Xbox360 LE


*** SOLD to Neko X

I have a new unopened Madcatz Evo evolution championship edition Tournament edition pro fightstick Xbox360. The body is like a clear purple smoke. This is based on the SFxT body I think. I believe this was limited to only 200 total units. They are manually numbered. I’m not sure what the number is on this one but I can check if needed. I have a stock picture below. If you need me to take a picture of the actual box I am happy to do so.

I checked these forums and there were only 2 sold here and that was over a year ago.
I purchased this during Evo on Jul 8th 2012 for 170$ from madcatz. Its been in a closet ever since. Again this is brand new never been used. Still in box.

225$ this includes shipping to US and all paypal fees. This is new in the box but of course its sold as is with no refunds.

Please PM if any interest.

edit for stock picture


I’m thinking that is too much for this.


Sure I’m open to offers assuming I dont have multiple buyers looking for it. I paid 170 for it. I’ll need to ship it and pay fees to paypal. So yeah didnt seem that outrageous to me. I know the Original evo white one went for over 250 on these boards. I havent seen a single one sold here in over a year. So that’s how I arrived at the price.

But if the market isnt there I’m willing to listen :slight_smile:


I bought a 360 edition one from MauiWowie75 here back in February for $120. MCZ is hawking stock edition TE Pros for $79 every two weeks… you’ll be lucky to see anything over 150 for it at this point, imho.


I got $250 (not here on eBay) for my last new Tekken x Street Fighter red base stick and this one had a much more limited production run. Okay price just not amazing but not over priced by any standards better question is find one for less that is new. The shipping on sticks suck they are like $25 to shipping depending where in the the US they are going. And Paypal takes a chunk also so at the $150 you said he would get that would make this limited edition stick worth $115-$120, I don’t think so. IMHO


Yo I’m interested in the stick sent you a pm


Replied to PMs sorry I was on a long vacation and honestly forgot I listed this. Let me know if you are interested. I still have it.

bonebreak_2000@yahoo.com is an email you can reach me at.




all PMs responded too. Lets get it done :slight_smile:


SOLD to Neko X




Arrived in perfect condition speedy delivery. Bonebreak2000+1