SOLD ! FS: Nintendo DS Lite - 2 Available (Black & Pink) With Free Carrying Case


Hi, I’m selling:

  1. Nintendo DS Lite System (Black) with Black Carrying Case. - $80 shipped with confirmation and insurance.
  2. Nintendo DS Lite System (Pink) with Pink Carrying Case. - $80 shipped with confirmation and insurance.

Both systems are in excellent working condition. The pink one is practically new condition. The black one has a circular scratch on the lower screen - but does not affect gameplay in any way. Also not noticeable during gameplay. The carrying case is the kind that has a zipper that conceals the DS. Holds plenty of GBA and DS games. Original stylus and battery charger included.

Pictures (BLACK):

Pictures (PINK):

Reason for Selling:
These belonged to my Fiance and me. We use to play bomberman and clubhouse games together a while ago. But we each now have our own Xbox, so we don’t play with the DS anymore. Once we started boosting with each other for achievement points, the DS just suddenly got really boring for us - so they’re just sitting around with no love.

Buying & Shipping Conditions:
I accept paypal payments only. Shipping within the U.S only. All sales final.


Prices are non-negotiable.

PMed about the Ds black.


No transactions conducted.
Both items are still available.

$80 is too tempting.

PM sent.

Interested in pink ds. PM sent.

If the black ds doesn’t fall though i’ll take it pm sent!

I’ve upload pictures of both the pink and black DS.

I tried to get a close up shot of the circular scratch on the black ds, but it’s not showing up in the pictures. I’ll just try to be as descriptive as I can. It’s a thin scratch on the bottom screen in the shape of a letter “C.” It looks like a single strand of cat hair had fallen on the DS (that’s what I thought it was at first). The scratch is located about the center of the screen. If the DS is off, you can see the scratch when you look closely. When the DS is on, you won’t be able to see it. In terms of functionality, the scratch does not inhibit gameplay in anyway. The DS is in perfect working condition.

I’ll be sending out PMs (one at a time) starting Friday, June 06, 2:00 PM (PST) to potential buyers. I have a list of people who are interested, and so I’ll just do a first come first serve (who ever posted in this thread or sent me a PM first will have first crack). Then I’ll just go down the list.

If you’re in the bottom of the list, you can move to the top of the list by sending me a PM offering a higher amount than $80. Increments of $5 minimum only please. I’ll stop taking offers on Friday, June 06, 2:00 PM (PST).

Good luck and thanks for viewing.

Do either of the DS’ have dead or stuck pixels?

What’s dead or stuck pixels?

I’m interested in the black ds.

Dead pixels are ones that don’t light up. Stuck pixels stay one color.

Nope, don’t have any of those problems.

I’ll make a double check tonight to confirm it.

So did the black DS get sold?

I don’t see any dead/stuck pixels on either DS.

PMs are now being sent out to a list of buyers one at a time.

Both DS systems have been sold.

Thank you all for viewing.