*SOLD*FS: SFAC Hybrid Happ P360 with Sanwa buttons - Fully modded

Hey guys,

I’m starting to have an excessive amount of sticks around the place so I decided to start selling some off.

Up for grabs is a SFAC stick hybrid fully modded with a Happ Perfect 360 stick and Sanwa red trim/white front buttons.

I replaced the origional plexi glass with my own to accomodate a 6 button layout without having ugly button plugs degrading the stick.

Replaced artwork, and also replaced the PCB to be more converter friendly (it now has a sony ps1 pcb instead of stock.) PLEASE NOTE that this is a Playstation only stick.

It is a fantastic stick, I really do think it was one of my best, but I just don’t use it because of other customs I’ve made. It was barely used and is in great condition. the only real blemishes is that the corners are minorly worn, you can look at the pics for youself.


Here’s some images:







(I just took off the cover for the last pic fyi)

nice stick :tup: