[sold] FS: XvSF CPS2, phoenixed, JP ver


Selling a phoenixed Japan CPS2 X-men vs. Street Fighter “B” board (NO A-board included)

$75 plus $15(7-day) or $20(2-day) USPS shipping. Paypal or MO.

Testing, working. I can send more pic’s if interested. Yes, it is a bit dirty…but that makes it fun!

Posting here first since SRKers PLAY games.


Do u or anyone else know if I have an American A board, will a Japanese B board work with it? If yes, then could u check my list and see if we could do a trade? Thanks.


yes, you can use an American “A” mobo with a “B” Japanese B Board, American and Japanese CPS2 boards are compatible.


d->Not looking to trade ATM. And if I was, I would be looking for PCBs.



@Majors. am I correct in assuming that were I to purchase this board and have a supergun, I would be able to play XVSF without acquiring an A board somewhere?


MK->No. You need an “A”-board to play CPS2 games. This is loose, like having a cart…w/o a console. The supergun just takes care of the connection to the monitor, sound, controllers and power.


What is a supergun exactly and what does it do?


a super gun is something that let you play Arcade PCBs (cps1-2 ) boards, i would recommend a REAL American cab or a Candy cab, but if you dont have the space or the money, go for the Supergun. you would also need, arcade joysticks and a CRT tv (do not play arcade games on HD TVs) go to this link for pics.


Sold. Close thead.