SOLD!Green seimitsus, green bubbletops and other buttons

SOLD!!!not used at all, just never decided to break them in.
$20 shipped in the US PAYPAL :slight_smile:

4 seimitsu buttons
2 Green Bubble tops
2 black 24 mm buttons
2 button caps
1 dust washer

for free will include 8 pink and white Hori buttons. :slight_smile:

Any questions just hollar :slight_smile:

Can you hold this till Monday??? Will shoot you a pm that day

are you willing to ship to canada? if so, how much?

PM’d. Will buy now.

Hey guys I am going in order, so if the 1st guy does not respond in 2 hours I am going to the next dude.
There are 13 of you so I wanted to be fair and go down the list.

thanks and sorry for the trouble

the 1st guy has been excluded. 2nd gentlmen has been contacted.

Hey Rumble, I’m interested in the PINK buttons anyway of getting those?

Oh…so much for holding a reserve…thanks anyways

I tried to PM you but your box is full :stuck_out_tongue: